Fetch.ai’s SOEF Explorer

Feb 12, 2021

Our first public version of the SOEF explorer is live on the web.

Autonomous Economic Agents aren’t secret agents. They are meant to be found, in order to negotiate and transact with other agents so that value moves around the network.

The Simple Open Economic Framework, or SOEF, is the latest version of Fetch.ai’s search and discovery system for agents. Agents can describe what they look like, and what they do and find, or be found, by other agents. They can search semantically and/or geographically, specifying the things that are important to them.

For example, an agent can look for all vehicles within 30 degrees of due north within a range of 50 kilometers that are currently moving and heading approximately south-bound. When it comes to mobility, this kind of search is essential for narrowing down a large number of agents to just those that are relevant.

When an agent finds an agent it wishes to talk to, it can use the Agent Framework’s Agent Communication Network (ACN) in order to negotiate and then transact on the underlying ledger. This may also involve smart contracts, oracle services, checking digital identity or verifiable credentials.

The SOEF is easy to use and Fetch.ai have developed two demonstration apps to view its digital world, one IOS app and a web-site. These are wonderful tools for developers: create an agent, and see it appear in the Fetch universe. If you’re interested in testing the iOS app currently in beta testing, do reach out to us on [email protected]

What you’ve been seeing is the website version of the SOEF explorer. It allows you to search, zoom in and out, and see more information about agents. We’ve also produced this native iOS app, in beta now, that provides high-speed exploration of the agents in Fetch’s digital world. You can see status information, which includes statistics, but also view an entire list of agents — complete with a search filter — and press on them for more information. And, to really understand where things are, you can use the map view. Here, you can navigate the world, seeing where agents are placed and what they are.

As agents come and go, find and negotiate, these tools are both fun and useful ways of visualizing it.

In the coming months, the SOEF will become truly decentralized: with multiple nodes placed across the globe, specializing in different areas or subjects. It’ll be a true digital environment for agents to navigate, explore and exist in and anyone will be able to run a node: the metaverse for autonomy. With FET token incentives for doing so, and the ultimate introduction agency in place, when it comes to doing useful economic work, the Fetch ecosystem is perfect for autonomous economic agents to deliver the future web.


Click here for the documentation on SOEF

Click here for the SOEF explorer