Guide on How to use the Browser Extension Wallet

Sep 3, 2021


1. Applicable starting when staking migration and network upgrade is completed on September 15.

2. Applicable for those who have tested the migration using our browser extension wallet.

After the migration and network upgrade on September 15, you will receive the auto-migrated tokens from your ethereum network to your browser extension wallet. Here is how you can send them to your Mainnet address generated on Cosmostation mobile application or to your ledger wallet address.

Just enter in the recipient field your native address, token type drop down menu (will be auto-populated to FET), enter the amount, choose average gas fees (you can set a custom gas fee, but that is not required in most cases).

After entering all the details, the browser wallet will prompt you to review the operation and approve it if you are happy with it.

That’s it! You can send your auto-migrated tokens and they will arrive on your Mainnet address on your cosmostation app or your ledger wallet.



1. Can I send my ERC20 FET to this wallet?

No. If you do, you will lose your tokens. The wallet can hold native FET tokens and not ERC20.

2. Can I send my auto-migrated tokens already to the Mainnet?

No, not yet. Please wait for us to complete the staking migration and network upgrade on September 15. We will make an announcement.

3. Can I use this wallet to send tokens from native to ERC20 without requiring a ledger?

Yes. This was a highly requested feature from our community and we are happy to confirm you can deposit your native tokens from ledger or cosmostation on the browser extension wallet and then send it via the token bridge (native to ERC20).

4. Will this wallet replace the token bridge?

No. The token bridge will continue to exist. The wallet will make the process easier to send native to ERC20 tokens without relying on a ledger.

5. Is my private key or Ethereum address shared with during the migration?

No. The Keplr wallet uses the Ethereum address to check that it matches the private key on your local machine. However, be careful with your private key and ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date. We recommend using a hardware wallet as this is the most secure way of managing your funds.

6. What happens if something goes wrong, and I cannot access my migrated tokens?

There are several valid reasons why this could happen such as you using a hardware wallet that does not allow the private key to be exported. We plan on resolving this issue by performing a reconciliation at the next upgrade of the network, scheduled for the end of 2021. To receive funds from the reconciliation, you will need to prove that you hold the Ethereum signing key that was used to lock funds in the staking contract and provide us with an address on mainnet for receiving the reconciled funds. We’ll provide more information on how to use this facility after the stake migration in September 2021.

7. When can I download the Browser extension wallet?

Browser extension wallet is available on Chrome webstore.

8. What are TESTFET tokens?

TESTFET tokens do not have an intrinsic value and are purely for the purpose of interacting with testnets. You’re testing the auto-migration on the Andromeda Testnet using TESTFET.