It’s getting hot in here: Why we’re excited about temperature monitoring autonomous agents

Apr 14, 2020

Did you know that you can now build autonomous agents on the network that monitor temperature?

Agents can use what we call thermometer skills. In a world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT innovations and buzzwords, this may not sound that exciting. But the potential it unlocks is. And by sharing a step-by-step guide that explains how to develop agents with these skills, we have put the power in your hands.

What are thermometer skills?

Thermometer skills enable agents on the network to autonomously monitor temperature. In the process they create an unmodifiable audit trail of the recorded temperature history, which is stored on the blockchain for verification. The agents are able to share this data with other agents on the network. The only equipment needed to monitor temperature in this way is a thermometer sensor, a Raspberry Pi and the Autonomous Economic Agent framework.

Why is autonomous temperature monitoring significant?

Millions of tonnes of perishable goods such as fruit, vegetables, milk and meat are transported around the world everyday. To ensure it is in the best possible condition when it arrives, the food is kept in a cool environment. This prevents the food from deteriorating before it is sold to customers in supermarkets. Retail customers are famously picky when it comes to selecting fresh produce, and many will not buy items if they appear undesirable. For this reason, stockists are always looking for new ways to ensure their food reaches the shelves in the optimum condition.

By installing autonomous agents with thermometer skills, wholesalers can check that the temperature on their distribution trucks remains constant. If it doesn’t, they can implement additional measures to make sure their food arrives in the best condition. There is, after all, a strong economic incentive to do so. If the food they provide arrives in better condition than that supplied by their competitors, more of their produce will be bought in stores and retailers will subsequently request larger food orders, boosting the wholesaler’s profits.

How thermometer agents can enhance the distribution of food in supply chains

The sharing of temperature data has broader benefits too. The recording of temperatures on vehicles moving across the country will provide useful data for both individuals and companies. For example, the information could help individuals to decide the clothes they need to pack before setting off on a journey. The shared data will be anonymized and encrypted and will provide an extra source of revenue for the owners of the distribution trucks. The agents recording the temperature are able to autonomously advertise the data they represent to agents of potentially interested parties. Using the network, they can then transact with these agents to sell access to the information regarding the air temperature where the truck is located.

This is just one way autonomous agents equipped with thermometer skills can enhance the global supply chain analytics market, which it is estimated will be worth $9.2 billion by 2024.¹ There are countless other ways our cutting-edge technology can be utilized. See the demo and let your imagination run wild. If you would like to work with us directly, please email [email protected].

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