Multi-Agent Systems lead for Catena-X project (Germany)

Development at the cutting edge 

An amazing opportunity for those with a passion for AI and Blockchain to participate alongside industry leading and innovative forces from the automotive industry whose aim is to support the development of decentralized technologies and business models, tokenomics incentive systems as well as industry standards for information and data sharing. Catena-X sees a collaboration between organizations of all sizes, including Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes Benz, VW and BMW, as well as innovative startups and SMEs. is proud to be part of this collaboration and we are seeking talented and passionate individuals to join our team in Germany.

We aim to be your Employer of Choice by providing you with the opportunity to work with a hugely talented team developing cutting edge technology combining AI and blockchain, that will influence and change the way we share data and information. Vision

Our vision is to connect digital and real-life economies to allow automation to change the way we use data. brings expertise in multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence, advanced cryptography and decentralized machine learning to the Catena-X network . Our main focus will be to provide technologies for agent-based “smart” clients, secure and private sharing of information, and base-layer blockchain infrastructure. It will support next-generation data analytics through CoLearn network, a decentralized information-sharing system that is deployed on blockchains and aggregates learning from multiple stakeholders.

The role is building the software for the future digital economy by combining principles from blockchain, multi-agent systems and machine learning. These will harness the untapped potential of the computational power and terabytes of data that are being generated at the edges of modern telecommunication networks. 

As a employee, you would have the opportunity to work on fascinating and cutting-edge technology alongside world-class software engineers and researchers from disciplines that include multi-agent systems, machine learning, economics and cryptography. You will also be involved in collaborations with corporate partners and top academic institutions to further develop our solutions and deploy them in the real world. 

We are looking for an exceptional individual to take forward the development of our ground-breaking Agent Economic Agent (AEA) framework technology. This role is varied and would suit someone with a passion for technology and experience of developing complex networked services. It would suit someone with a strong grounding in these areas and a willingness to apply them to designing novel decentralized applications and multi-agent protocols. 

  • The successful candidate must be eligible to work and live in Germany where this role is based.

Location: Germany

Type: Full time or contract 

Essential Skills & Experience

  • Passion for software development including fundamentals of computer science and engineering principles
  • Experience of building complex web applications with Python frameworks such as Django, FastAPI or Flask 
  • Experience of asynchronous network programming with Python’s asyncio libraries or similar
  • Experience of leading a development team
  • Familiarity with Git and setting up CI/CD pipelines (Github Actions, Travis CL)
  • Good working knowledge of Linux and macOS
  • Experience of working in an agile team (Scrum/Kanban)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in or desire to build and work with external partners


  • Knowledge of cryptographic libraries and protocols
  • Experience with blockchain technologies
  • Background in peer-to-peer communication networks and distributed systems. 
  • Experience of systems programming languages such as Rust or Golang
  • Experience of best practices for containerization and the use of orchestration tools such as Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of or interest in multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning, game theory or economics. 

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