Fetch is a world-changing project, a “decentralised digital world” where autonomous software agents act on the behalf of their owners, or their own interests, to perform useful economic work. Fetch to us, and our thousands of community members is one of the most exciting projects of the moment and future.

We have a working prototype in which active agents solve complex distributed problems scaling in difficulty with speed. A scaling ledger poised to be working at 1,000,000 transactions a second. World leading machine learning researchers are creating true intelligence in our distributed ledger.

We’re looking for exceptional people of all disciplines and skill levels to help bring Fetch to life.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for software engineers in several specialisations. All groups need good C++ development skills -- you’ll be:

  • Knowledgeable about STL, Boost, template authoring, C++11 and multi-threading.
  • Interested in learning more C++ and applying it.
  • Happy to work on multiple facets of a project, learning -- or inventing -- as you go.
  • Senior levels will have experience in one or more of the specialist areas or a generalist across several.
  • Senior levels will have experience of mentoring, participating in feature design & specification and experience in being involved in patent processes would be helpful.

St. John's Innovation Centre,
Cowley Road,
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[email protected]