Our technology

There are three main levels to our framework:

Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs)

An AEA is an intelligent program operating on an owner's behalf, with limited or no interference
of that ownership entity, and whose goal is to generate economic value for its owner.

AEAs can be used to represent real-world objects, people or assets in a digital space and
enable them to communicate and transact quickly and efficiently.

AEAs are a tough concept to explain in a single paragraph, so we're working on infographics
and videos to help demonstrate their value, watch this space!

Open Economic Framework (OEF)

This is a connectivity layer that enables decentralized search for autonomous agents who can then find each other and transact together. They conduct these transactions using a digital currency called FET tokens via a digital wallet. Through these interactions the agents negotiate and create value for their owners. This layer also provides interoperability between various systems connecting different devices, businesses and services. This helps to break down silos and provide intelligent connectivity for the whole ecosystem.

The Smart Ledger

To provide scalability we have developed the next generation AI-powered blockchain ledger.

The ledger logs all of the agents transactions. It provides market intelligence, previously
locked up in centralized silos, to everyone.

Fetch.ai’s smart ledger scales to support 30,000 transactions per second, making it a viable
solution for mass adoption of the Fetch.ai technology.