Welcome to DeltaV, The First AI-Powered E-Commerce Platform

Our new AI-powered platform is designed to fuel the future of e-commerce.
2023-10-022 min

Today, we are proud to announce DeltaV: a pioneering platform that represents a major shift in LLM-powered commerce. DeltaV is a new search-based AI chat interface powered by’s innovative AI agent technology. It leverages natural language conversations to enable it to automatically handle end-to-end tasks for the user positioning DeltaV as a frontrunner in the AI economy.

You can see DeltaV's demo in action here.

Screenshot - 2023-10-02T181345.296.png

The introduction of DeltaV marks the next phase of our mission to revolutionize commerce. By enabling a direct engagement between businesses and customers for tasks like booking transportation, travel arrangements, cleaning agents, and more - promises to transform the current aggregator-dependent landscape and deliver the next generation of seamless AI-powered commerce that consumers expect today.

Businesses, Meet AI

Starting today, businesses can seamlessly integrate their existing platforms and applications with DeltaV. By leveraging the core components of the platform, developers can now wrap their LLMs, ML models, existing APIs, and other business logic using Agents. These services can then be registered as Agent Services with on the Agentverse - ready to be discovered by new customers through DeltaV's chat interface.

In the words of our founder and CEO Humayun Sheikh: "Introducing a new search paradigm is a challenging endeavor. This launch marks a key milestone as we have all the core building blocks to power this new search paradigm. It also allows LLM, AI/ML model developers and the broader Web2 developer community to try the Platform and Agent tech. They can now use our platform as a monetization opportunity in the new AI-powered economy."

DeltaV can be used to build AI commerce experiences right from standard interfaces such as WhatsApp and Google Calendar. The Platform can integrate with custom applications and UIs. It can also host many marketplaces from diverse verticals - including travel, mobility, GIG commerce, recruiting, finance, etc. The platform will showcase travel, mobility and gig commerce vertical marketplace of services powered by the Platform at launch.

The new and improved platform now includes the following four components:

  • DeltaV: new experimental chat interface that acts as a window into the inner workings of the Platform, allowing developers to easily explore and test how their agents get used to fulfilling users' objectives.
  • AI Engine: The primary processing unit that mimics the human thought reasoning model to break down the user's objective into tasks and sub-tasks using general intelligence from foundational LLM and agent services registered on Agentverse. 
  • Agents: The primary logic building block to wrap LLMs, ML models, legacy APIs and any business logic. Multiple AI Agents from different owners can be chained together to support complex use cases.
  • Agentverse: A SaaS product that offers agent registration facilitating AI Engine to perform Agent search and discovery. Agentverse also offers Agent hosting offered as Managed Agents within the product.

We invite you to try the Platform by clicking on 'Request Early Access' here. Get ready to shape the future AI economy with DeltaV!

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