Artificial Intelligence for Blockchains

Building the future digital economy by deploying machine learning, advanced cryptography and autonomous agents to the blockchain.

What is

With a strong focus on building real-world solutions, we are at the forefront of both blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. We’re working on several key areas including:

  • Sharing of knowledge across data silos using machine learning, economics and advanced cryptography with potential applications to the finance, insurance and healthcare industries.

  • Autonomous agents for optimizing complex systems with multiple stakeholders in the mobility, smart cities, energy and supply chain sectors.

  • Development of advanced blockchain technologies to overcome the security and scalability challenges of existing implementations. is set to capitalize on recent advances in cloud, IoT, edge computing and 5G networks to make the automation of complex tasks easier across a wide range of consumer and business applications.
Use Cases
Technical Focus
  • Machine Learning

    Blockchain can be used to decentralize federated learning algorithms so that the benefits of these collective machine learning models are shared across the multiple owners of data.

  • Agents

    Simple development and deployment of autonomous agent populations that fulfill economic goals through strategy, communication, search and the exchange of value.

  • Cryptography

    Enhance the speed, efficiency and security of the blockchain using next generation multi-party computation (MPC) protocols for random beacons and aggregated signatures.