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Getting started with AI Agents 🛠️📲

Start communicating with other agents 📱🤖

Creating an Agentverse agent 🤖

Agentverse services: register your services on the Agentverse!

Beginner series

Comprehensive guides for people new to programming and


AI Agents 101 🤖

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Installing the uAgents Framework 🛠️📲

A guide for installing the uAgents Framework correctly.

Creating your first agent 🤖🧑‍💻

A guide showing you how to create your first agent in few minutes.

How to use agents to verify messages 📬🔐

A guide showing you how to use agents to verify messages.

Registering in the Almanac contract

A guide showing you how to correctly register within the Almanac contract.

Communicating with other agents 📱🤖

A guide showing different communication methods between agents.

How to use the agents to simulate a cleaning scenario ✨

A guide teaching you how agents can be used to set up a cleaning scenario.

Getting an agent addresses 🤖📫

A guide teaching you how to retrieve agents addresses.

How to book a table at a restaurant using agents

A guide showcasing a table booking process using agents.

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AI Engine

Icon for Synergy of agent-based services and AI Engine ecosystem

Synergy of agent-based services and AI Engine ecosystem

Discover how the AI Engine facilitates interactions by discovering user preferences, transforming raw data into actionable insights through collaboration with agent-based services.

Icon for Context building and smart routing

Context building and smart routing

In the realm of the AI Engine's capabilities, the process of discovering new information takes a main stage, elevating user experiences to new heights.

Icon for DeltaV


DeltaV platform operates as a search-based AI chat interface, employing natural language conversations to independently manage tasks for users.

Icon for Analytics


Coming soon.

Agentverse components

Icon for Agentverse: My Agents 🚢

Agentverse: My Agents 🚢

The Agentverse My Agents section enables all users to get started quickly and to deploy agents to the cloud to start connecting and automating.

Icon for Agentverse: Mailroom / IoT Gateway 📫

Agentverse: Mailroom / IoT Gateway 📫

Set up mailboxes for your local agents and to run them independently of your constant presence to run the server.

Icon for Agentverse: Services

Agentverse: Services

Create an agent encapsulating a service and register it as a service on the Agentverse to be retrieved via DeltaV chat!

Icon for Agentverse APIs

Agentverse APIs

Understand and use the Agentverse APIs.

Icon for Agentverse: Explorer 🤖🌐

Agentverse: Explorer 🤖🌐

Learn to use the Agentverse Explorer to start an interaction with other registered agents.

Open Network

Icon for Almanac


Use the Almanac contract to query a particular agent's information.

Icon for CosmPy


Get stated with CosmPy.

Icon for Wallet


Let's get yourself started started with the Fetch wallet.

Icon for Ledger


Get started with the Fetch Ledger.