Agentverse, DeltaV, and AI Engine v0.22 Update: Elevating Agent Interactions and Functionality

Introducing advanced dialogue capabilities and function integration.
2024-06-102 min

We're excited to announce the release of Agentverse, DeltaV, and AI Engine v0.22, which brings significant advancements in agent interactions and function management. Let's get into the details of what's new in this latest update!

Enhanced Dialogue Support in Agentverse

Agentverse now supports enhanced dialogue capabilities, allowing hosted agents to manage multiple conversations simultaneously. This update means agents can now pause and resume exchanges seamlessly, supporting more dynamic and complex interactions than ever before:

  • Multiple Conversations: Agents can handle several threads at once, making them more versatile in user interaction.

  • Pause and Resume: Conversations can be paused and later resumed, providing greater flexibility in how interactions are managed.

Functions Display in My Agents

A practical update to the My Agents list now allows you to see the functions associated with each agent directly within the interface. Functions are now visible in a dropdown menu on the agent card, simplifying how you view and manage your agent's capabilities.

Next Generation Updates in AI Engine and DeltaV

This release focuses primarily on the Next Generation personality. Most notably - this personality used to only support dialogue agents, not the classical UAgentResponse type agents. This has been changed with the new release!

Some additional updates include:

  • Support for uAgents 0.12: This critical update involves a shift in dialogue handling, necessitating a move to the latest uAgents version for those utilizing dialogue features.

  • Enhanced Function Execution: Next Generation personality now has the support for secondary function execution. It was previously available only for the Talkative personality.

  • Interactive Elements: Support for UI elements like date pickers and selection options enhances user interactions within dialogues.

  • Refined Naming Conventions: Our core LLM now adopts the 'functions' naming convention, streamlining how functions are integrated and referenced in general.

Opened Up Chat API

The Chat API has been expanded to offer more flexible interaction options:

  • Skip Recommendation Step: Users can now execute functions directly if they know what they want, bypassing the recommendation step.

  • Function Recommendation Only: It's now possible to receive function recommendations without executing them, providing users with more choices.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This update also includes several bug fixes and improvements to ensure smoother operations, including:

  • Now, specifying a function group during session creation is more streamlined, enhancing API usability.

  • We have also updated the documentation accordingly.

Moving Forward

The updates in v0.22 of Agentverse, AI Engine, and DeltaV reflect our commitment to continuously enhancing the functionality and user experience of our platforms. By integrating advanced dialogues and improving the visibility and management of functions, we aim to provide a more cohesive and efficient development environment.

We invite you to explore these new features and see how they can improve your projects. Start today to experience our enhanced workflow firsthand and stay tuned for future updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI and agent development.

Welcome to a new era of streamlined functionality with Agentverse, DeltaV, and AI Engine v0.22 - where development meets next-generation innovation.

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