Agentverse v0.11: Stepping into the Future

Introducing multi-file projects, a superior UI and robust protocol support.
2023-10-032 min

Embrace a whole new dimension of agent-based technology with the launch of Agentverse v0.11. We're raising the bar with an advanced UI design, multi-file projects, enriched protocol support and more. Get ready to discover an unparalleled development experience with this update. Dive in!

Refined User Experience

Agent Explorer: You can explore the new agent cards and take advantage of advanced search features in the revamped discovery tab. Search for agent names, endpoints or protocols with a filter bar packed with state-of-the-art search functionalities.

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Profile Page: Celebrate your milestones with a new user profile page! Collect badges for different achievements, symbolizing your journey and accomplishments within the Agentverse.

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Are you a 'Mailroom marvel' or climbing your way up to 'Architect of Humanity'?

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Mastering Multi-file Projects

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Agentverse now has multi-file agent projects! This enhancement:

  • Lets users spread agents over various files, facilitating seamless navigation.
  • Mirrors the feel of a standard IDE project, simplifying project structure and file imports.

Python Imports to Power Your Agents

We've broadened the spectrum of available Python imports:

  • From the standard library: enum, datetime, math, random, time, uuid
  • Plus, the integration of pydantic, cosmpy, uagents, and ai-engine.

Uplifted Monitoring Capabilities

Our commitment to providing you with superior-quality tools continues. We've now embedded extensive metrics, allowing for meticulous observation of deployments and timely alerts for potential issues.

Better Protocol Support

This release champions robust protocol support:

  • Agents autonomously register their protocols on the Almanac contract.
  • By default, protocol manifests are published, amplifying transparency.
  • Envelopes, when born from a protocol response, now encompass a protocol digest.
  • The inclusion of a session ID ensures persistent dialogues between agents, making interactions smoother than ever.

Note that when you define a protocol, it's good practice to set the name and version:


book_proto = Protocol(name="RestaurantBooking", version="0.1.1")

You can include the protocol in your agent as:



If you do not want to publish the protocol manifest, you can specify that as follows:

agent.include(book_proto, publish_manifest=False)

If the exact protocol manifest has not already been published, it will be published to the Almanac API the next time the agent is run:

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To all the developers and enthusiasts out there, we invite you to plunge into the new immersive experience of the Agentverse - redefining agent interactions and project management. For those new to Agentverse, our detailed guides await to lead you into this world of infinite agent-based possibilities.

We thrive on feedback. Share your insights, join our vibrant conversations on Discord or Telegram, and contribute to the next wave of advancements in AI.

Stay connected, stay updated, and let's shape the future together!

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