Unveiling Achievements: and Decodecafe Hackathon Recap

118 participants, 4 days, 3 winners!
2023-09-271 min

As the curtains close on the AI Agent Hackathon, we're overwhelmed with gratitude and pride. The event was nothing short of spectacular and the brilliance showcased by each participant was truly commendable.

We witnessed a staggering 118 participants, each bringing their unique perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. Over the course of four days, teams delved deep into the uAgents library, crafting solutions that spanned a range of applications, from a news update app with the use of AI agents technology, to creating novel interfaces for temperature alerts.

These numbers only tell part of the story. The real essence lay in the shared knowledge, the vibrant brainstorming sessions, and the coming together of's experienced developers with budding talents.

Now, for the highlight - our champions. Heartiest congratulations to Ankit Raj for securing the top position, Parv Pareek for the first runner-up project, and Raj Bhatt for securing the second runner-up position. Your ingenuity with the uAgents library stood out!

Our sincere appreciation extends to DeCodeCafe. Their organizational commitment and zeal were instrumental in elevating the Hackathon's experience. We will continue to organize events like these - with the next one being at Techfest, IIT Bombay. You can register for that here.

Until our paths cross again, remain curious, and keep propelling technology forward!

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