16. August, 2019

Fetch.AI — Community Newsletter (12–16 August)


Here is Fetch.AI’s community newsletter for the week commencing 12 August. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

Highlight of the week

Fetch.AI’s cryptography expertize recognized

We’re excited that Fetch.AI’s experts continue to be recognized for their groundbreaking work on blockchain and cryptography.

Head of cryptography David Galindo has co-authored a paper with researchers from the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in Shenzhen, China, titled “Auditable Credential Anonymity Revocation Based on Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts”.

This research has been accepted for presentation at the 3rd International Workshop on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology 2019 (CBT’19), which will take place in Luxembourg this year on the 26–27 September.

This new work proposes a privacy-friendly mechanism for anonymity revocation for anonymous credentials. Such a mechanism is an essential component of the use of credential systems in the enterprise and governmental environments, since unconditional anonymity is incompatible with pursuing and sanctioning credential misuse or abuse.

David Galindo will also be speaking at The London Mathematical Society’s Computer Science Colloquium: the ‘Mathematics of Security’ this November in London. Register your interest now.

Berlin Blockchain Week

The Fetch.AI team will be in Berlin next week for Blockchain Week. We look forward to seeing you at one of the following events:

Fetch.AI Berlin Meetup (18 August, Berlin, Germany)

Berlin might be famous for the Neues Museum or the Brandenburg Gate, but it’s also home to one of the most vibrant blockchain communities in the world. Come and meet the team in the heart of Berlin at the Zollpackhof Biergarten. This event is now full but you can still sign up here to join our waiting list.

Web3 Summit 2019 (19–21 August, Berlin, Germany)

The team is excited to attend Web3 Summit 2019 for an immersive and collaborative gathering that focuses on the Web3 technology stack. It’s still not too late to get yourself a ticket.

Diffusion 2019 (21 August, Berlin, Germany)

Join us for the networking launch of Outlier Ventures’ two-day dev con: Diffusion 2019, which will feature some of the world’s leading Web3 protocols in blockchain, AI, IoT and Big Data technology. The event will involve:

  • 15 protocols
  • 25m+ lines of open source code
  • 350+ devs

👉 Apply now for one of the limited free places and join us at the Diffusion 2019 launch event next week in Berlin to find out more.

Upcoming events

London Meetup (28 August, London, UK)

The final instalment in our series of summer meetups will take place in London; one of the world’s great cities, home to deep-routed creativity and innovation. Come and join the team at The Fellow, just a short walk from King’s Cross train station, and share your ideas with the team.

👉 Don’t miss out, register here

Bounties, hackathons and competitions

Summer Design Challenge 🎨

We have extended the deadline to submit your entries to our Summer Design Challenge by one week. Show us your creative side by creating an agent picture/sticker/GIF to win cool prizes.

👉 Head to our Telegram channel for full details.

Fetch.AI Technical Bounty Program

Help us improve the reliability and performance of our technology by finding and reporting technical issues and be awarded FET 💰


🔍 Find a technical issue in the Fetch.AI’s GitHub ledger repository

📫 Report it as an issue on GitHub

🛠️ Additional award for a fix

Award structure

  • Critical: $10,000 in FET
  • Major: $6,000 in FET
  • Medium: $2,500 in FET
  • Low: $800 in FET

More bounties are coming soon involving autonomous agents, mobile applications and much more that everyone can take part in!

Synergetic Contract Hackathon 0x03; (10 July-31 August, Online)

Develop a ride-sharing Synergetic Contract using Fetch.AI technology. Over 100,000 FET tokens available in prizes.

👉 Register your interest by joining our developer Slack channel.

Carpooling is great for your pocket and the environment, so it’s no surprise that ride-sharing apps like UberPool™ are so popular. To connect riders with drivers and process payments, apps charge a substantial fee. Fetch.AI’s synergetic computing technology provides the infrastructure to deliver this service without the middleman, returning power and profit to the individual.

We want you to build a ride-sharing service using our Synergetic Contracts and agents. With a prize pool of over 100,000 FET, we’re offering substantial rewards:

🥇 First prize: 50,000 FET

🥈 Second prize: 30,000 FET

🥉 Third prize: 20,000 FET

1,000 FET will be awarded to everyone who completes the project and delivers a working solution. Access resources and submit your application by 31 August here.

Join our developer Slack channel and find information on our bounties and hackathons on our Community website

Technology update

  • Serialized items in our machine library to ensure they can be saved and stored in a smart contract. This is key for training and testing machine learning models in smart contracts.
  • Implemented BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers): a state-of-the art language model that converts words into vectors. A useful tool to improve our decentralized search.
  • Worked on improving our consensus inside the ledger and the virtual machine, specifically the performance of our underlying peer-to-peer network stack.


This week, excluding merges, 8 authors have pushed 9 commits to the main branch and 19 commits to all branches.

On the main branch, 302 files have changed and there have been 17,662 additions and 4,166 deletions. See all updates.

Community news

Staking FAQs

With our staking auctions due to begin next month we have collated a list of FAQs to answer your questions on staking.

August Cambridge meetup

We hosted our August Cambridge meetup last week. We enjoyed the chance to connect with our local community. Thank you to everyone who came. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

August Cambridge Fetch.AI meetup

New starters Sol and Kevin join the Fetch.AI team

We are happy to warmly welcome Sol Franklin as an intern and Kevin Chen as a blockchain analyst to the Fetch.AI team.

Sol is currently reading Computer Science MEng at the University of Warwick. During his internship he will be working with lead software engineer Joshua Croft on agent development.

Kevin is a software developer, data analyst and technology advocate based in New York with experience in both finance and blockchain domains. He will work with lead research scientist Marcin Abram and head of research Jonathan Ward on researching and improving the consensus and incentive designs of Fetch.AI’s underlying ledger.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Fetch.AI team, take a look at our careers page.

Thanks for reading our update. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Telegram.


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