20. February, 2019

Fetch.AI publish updated Technical Introduction Whitepaper

Today we’re pleased to announce we’ve updated our Technical Introduction Paper. It is almost a year (so no cake and candles just yet) since we published the first version of the Fetch.AI paper and we’ve achieved an extraordinary amount since then. Back before spring took hold last year, we had our initial scalable ledger and working prototypes of other key parts of the Fetch.AI technology. Now, less than a year later, our Open Economic Framework, our decentralised computing platform, our own smart contract virtual machine and compiler, the ledger and so much more exist, work and have been in use for months.

We are particularly proud that so little has changed in the vision: the key elements of Fetch.AI’s technology have been delivered much as we imagined and in many cases, such as synergetic computing, have exceeded our expectations. But there are changes: our team has grown, our understanding of what we can do with machine learning and other aspects of artificial intelligence has grown and we have learnt considerably by doing. We’ve therefore tweaked the Technical Introduction Paper: updated some terminology, removed some bits relating to the ledger that are now covered in our Scalable Ledger Yellow Paper and added some cool things in machine learning. We have also updated the biographies of the team to reflect all the new world-class people that have joined us in the last year.

Of course, we still have much more to talk about. There’s our approach to security and details relating to our consensus that couples proof-of-stake with a notarised Directed Acyclic Graph to provide the benefits of a centralised controller whilst being fully decentralised. We also have more details about our use of useful proof-of-work to optimise the network’s performance. All of this information will be shared over the coming months as we head towards the launch of our public test-net and then the main network at the end of the year.

But in the meanwhile, enjoy our updated papers. Our Technical Introduction Paper is joined by our Scalable Ledger Yellow Paper and our Tokenomics Paper that discusses the details of how the Fetch.AI utility token behaves and how it is used.


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