article Secures Advanced GPUs Following $100 Million Infrastructure Investment

PRESS RELEASE : introduces Fetch Compute
2024-03-053 min, a leader in artificial intelligence development, has announced a major infrastructure investment securing the expansion of the tools and training capabilities available to its users and developers. The launch of Fetch Compute is a $100 million project that is designed to supercharge participant’s ability to create advanced applications to deepen the foundations of the AI economy.

Fetch Compute will deploy Nvidia H200, H100 and A100 GPUs to create a platform that developers and users can utilize for computing power. The move is expected to accelerate the pace of innovation within the ecosystem by providing the capacity to explore complex models and solutions. The financing for this strategic deployment comes from the Fetch Ecosystem Fund, with the aim of tackling the GPU scarcity head-on and setting the pace for developers and businesses worldwide.

The company will introduce an innovative reward mechanism for its community with the project. From 7 March 2024, users staking’s native coin $FET will earn Fetch Compute Credits as rewards which they can then use to pay for GPU utilization on the Fetch Compute network.

"Fetch Compute is not just an infrastructure investment ; it's an investment in the future of AI and the ecosystem of innovative developers who are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with our platform,"

said Humayun Sheikh,CEO of

"By marrying substantial compute resources with our unique compute credit system, we're ensuring that our community has the support and tools necessary to bring their visionary AI projects to life,”

Sheikh added.

Due to the new rewards system, $FET token holders will be able to directly benefit from this expansion through the ability to earn Fetch Compute Credits, which will serve as a key resource for developers looking to take advantage of the new platform.'s infrastructure, including the DeltaV platform, leverages Language Models (LLMs) and AI Agents to create a dynamic marketplace that connects users with services while redefining the search experience. With the introduction of Fetch Compute, continues to pave the way for a more intelligent, efficient, and connected world.

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