Introducing Fetch Name Service in Wallet v0.14

Say goodbye to long and complicated addresses.
2023-07-272 min

We are excited to announce the latest update to Wallet version 0.14, which gives access to Fetch Name Service (FNS) directly within the wallet. Now you can turn your wallet address from this: Fetch16sfhudj7a6d10h6idhtford63748dhuti42nda into something like this: alice.FET.

Let's delve into the detail.

Fetch Name Service (FNS)

The Fetch Name Service, created by AzoyaLabs, provides a Name System for the blockchain. It allows you to map a human-readable domain to your wallet address. With wallet upgrade 0.14, users can buy and register any unique .FET domain name directly from within their wallet. Now you can personalize your addresses with a custom domain, making it easier to interact on the network.

Fetch wallets are automatically updated with the FNS functionality. You can simply navigate to your dashboard, or click on ‘More’ within the wallet to access all the features of today.

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Manage Owned Domains

The wallet now provides a state-of-the-art domain management interface. You have the ability to view all your domains, and the flexibility to edit associated details. You can also select a primary domain, or put your domain up for sale effortlessly.

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Convenient Address Search

FNS integration in the wallet also enables users to search addresses by their registered .FET name. This simplifies the process of sending funds, chatting, or adding addresses to your contact list. Say goodbye to long and complicated addresses, and welcome the ease of interacting with friends and businesses using their custom domain names.

Domain Name Search

You can now trade domain names within FNS via the wallet. Users can search for any domain name to buy - if it is available, or place a bid on domains that are up for sale. Once a user buys a domain, they also have the ability to associate the domain to any beneficiary address of their choice.

We believe that Fetch Name Service’s integration with the wallet will help it become more user-friendly. It opens up endless possibilities for personalization, connectivity, and seamless interactions. Download the Fetch wallet today and experience the power of seamless and secure asset management.

We value your feedback. The community plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Wallet. Your ideas are crucial as we continue to improve and enhance the platform. Please drop your suggestions on our Telegram group.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as continues to evolve.

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