Explore the Future of Mobility with Industry Leaders: Agent Mobility Hackathon

Announcing the Agent Mobility Hackathon
2023-11-152 min

We're excited to announce the Agent Mobility Hackathon, a collaborative event between, Bosch, HTW Saar, Peaq and Datarella. Mark your calendars for November 23rd and 24th, 2023 for an event aimed at contributing to the forward-thinking landscape of mobility. Hosted at the inspiring Hochschul-Technologie-Zentrum in Saarbrücken, this hackathon invites tech enthusiasts and students to converge and innovate in the realm of mobility.

Embracing the shift towards Software-Defined Vehicles (or SDVs), this hackathon represents a crucial step in integrating tech-enabled vehicles into our daily lives. As software increasingly shapes the mobility user experience - surpassing the traditional hardware-led approach - our hackathon offers a canvas for innovations that align with this evolving paradigm.

Find and Connect

The theme of the Agent Mobility Hackathon ‘Find and Connect’ extends an invitation to delve into the fusion of agents and IoT in mobility. Participants will focus on transforming how we manage and interact with vehicles and other connected infrastructures. The DeltaV platform and its AI agent technology will be key to forging new solutions by enabling connectivity between infrastructure, bringing into seamless communication.

Students have the opportunity to meet and learn from experienced professionals from Bosch,, Peaq, and Datarella - gaining insights and perspectives that could shape their future careers in the mobility industry.

The hackathon kicks off with’s workshop on the 22nd November that will set the stage for a two-day journey of creativity and ideas generation. The aim is to provide a platform where theoretical concepts can be practically applied, offering new perspectives on the mobility sector. The challenges are designed to spur inventive thinking, focusing on Bosch's data spaces, integrations, and practical applications like charging solutions.

Participants will engage in tasks that highlight the role of DeltaV and AI agents in revolutionizing vehicle management and interaction with connected infrastructures. These challenges will emphasize finding and connecting the right agents, enabling efficient communication, data exchange, and unlocking economic value. Balancing intense ideation sessions, the hackathon also offers opportunities for casual networking for students.

As we eagerly anticipate this event, we invite all those passionate about mobility's future to follow along with us. Our social platforms will bring you updates - allowing you to witness the progress. As we move forward, the integration of AI agents in the realm of mobility services, showcased in our hackathon, paves the way for novel business models and a more interconnected automotive ecosystem. This event offers a chance to engage with a community focused on learning and contributing to advancements in the world of mobility.

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