22. August, 2019

James Riehl joins Fetch.AI as a multi-agent systems engineer

We are excited to welcome James Riehl to Fetch.AI. James is an expert in multi-agent systems and game theory. In 2007 he completed a PhD in control systems engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Here, his research focused on large-scale optimization on graphs with application to cooperative search and path-planning.

After several years working on network analysis and machine learning at a research lab in Santa Barbara, he joined the University of Groningen in the Netherlands as a postdoctoral researcher. He investigated the modeling and control of networked multi-agent systems and evolutionary games, with emphasis on social and economic networks.

James then continued to develop both analytical and computational tools to tackle problems related to the dynamics of brain networks at Washington University in Saint Louis. Most recently, at UC Louvain in Belgium, he has worked on improving the efficiency of wind farms and aircraft formations through coordinated learning in turbulent flows.

James’ experience in multi-agent systems will see him fit in perfectly at Fetch.AI. He will be primarily tasked with developing smart network algorithms and game theoretic mechanisms for autonomous agent interactions. We are thrilled to have him on board.

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