article at IAA: Park and Charge Demo at IAA MOBILITY 2023.
2023-09-051 min

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 event in Munich, Germany gets underway today. The event will feature the much anticipated Park and Charge demo, led by our partner company Bosch and underpinned by technology.

The demonstration will show Tesla and Jaguar vehicles using a “Park & Charge” app to discover and reserve EV (Electric Vehicle) charging and parking. The demos are part of the Bosch-led project MoveID within the Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility initiative designed to showcase the practical application of a decentralized mobility service ecosystem.

Fetch’s AI Agent technology forms the bedrock of the demo. The uAgent framework is being used to facilitate transaction and identity layers as well as hundreds of interactions between connected devices, including EVs and charging stations. The demo uses Self-Sovereign Identities (SSIs) to enable autonomous and secure transactions between connected vehicles and infrastructure, streamlining expenses and creating new revenue streams.'s technology ensures users an optimal SSI-based charging and parking experience.

Dr. Markus Heyn, chairman of the Mobility business sector at Bosch commented:

"For drivers, it’s not just convenience that is important, but also security when recharging. Together with the startup Fetch AI, Bosch is developing a digital passport for the electric car – independent of central data platforms. This software package means data privacy when accessing the charging network. It also makes new services possible, such as an AI-assisted traffic forecast to make the search for a charge point even simpler."

Park & Charge is an evolution of the original deep parking concept, showcased at a previous IAA Mobility conference, and is expected to become available to consumers in the near future.’s CEO, Humayun Sheikh, and Director of Business Development, Maria Minaricova are in attendance at the conference and visitors can sign up for the demos, which will run from 6th - 8th September.

About the MoveID project

The MoveID project involves multiple participants, including Datarella, DeltaDAO, Ocean Protocol, DENSO,, HTW Saar, Peaq, and 51nodes, each contributing essential elements to the demonstration this week. The most impressive feature of this project is that the software will lay overtop of existing real-world physical infrastructure and vehicles, essentially upgrading its capabilities without needing to modify it.

Park & Charge is just one application of the technology. The MoveID project can be extended into industries beyond mobility, for example, power grids and supply chain management. We’re excited to be a part of this project that promises to revolutionize data privacy, interoperability, and innovative mobility services.

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