Fetch.ai Developer Platform

June 23, 2022/5 minutes reading

It’s finally here.

Today, we’re excited to officially launch the alpha release of the Fetch.ai Developer Platform.

For the past few months, alongside building out the Fetch.ai personal Digital Twin mobile app, we’ve been working to release our new Developer Platform. And it’s certainly been a learning experience.

Before we dive into the technical details and exciting stuff, let’s take a quick step back. The Developer Platform is an ongoing piece of work. We believe in the maxim: release early, release often.

Our goal is to build a community around our Digital Twin technology. Firstly, to bring developers on board to help us create the future of what personal Digital Twins can look like for the consumer, for businesses, for the economy, and the larger web ecosystem. And soon after, we want to make it easy for any individual to get involved with personal Digital Twins.

Your Digital Twin will be a virtual representation of you, learning and evolving with you. With complete ownership and control, your twin is optimized for your objectives and goals, freeing you up to do what matters to you.

In our future roadmap, your Digital Twin will be able to seamlessly connect with products in the Fetch.ai Network; an energy-efficient decentralized interchain protocol with a rapidly growing ecosystem. Upcoming releases include:

FET wallet integration: for login and authentication, secure transactional and monetization opportunities DabbaFlow: a new protocol for managing and securely sharing data privately; Co-learn: privacy-preserving machine-learning models Resonate.social: a decentralized social platform that makes it easy to create and manage NFTs

In the future, your twin’s memories and data could be NFTs with IPFS stored in the twin's (user's) wallet. This will ensure complete data ownership and enable privacy-preserving data-sharing, as well as opening up monetization opportunities, such as selling memories to other twins to train their twins faster, etc.

At present, the Developer Platform technology includes: Application Programming Interface (API) to create and manage twins an intuitive low-code/no-code Developer Portal for simple access and exploration an evolving library of technical and user-friendly documentation.

We’re releasing access to the Developer Platform early, whilst we’re still building out our consumer-facing application and Digital Twin technology. The architecture and API that power our Developer Platform, as well as the Developer experience, are the same as those under the hood of our consumer, business, and internal applications. We want to bring you on the journey as we create what we hope to be the future of hyper-personalization through personal Digital Twin technology.

Our ambition with the Developer Platform is to deliver the best user experience, whether you’re a developer or a non-technical person. We want to democratize access through user-friendly tools and resources to allow you to not only utilize and build on our underlying Digital Twin technology but to help steer and shape it for others as well. We want anyone to be able to build and train their own Digital Twin. We want to encourage businesses, product managers, entrepreneurs, individuals, and developers to help us shape what personal Digital Twin technology could be, and to bring the benefits web3 promises to the end consumer, in a simple and easy-to-consume fashion.

Coming from a user-experience background, a core challenge as we build this platform is how to facilitate this ambition whilst considering this individual developer experience.

Technical products like APIs have no obvious visual interface. Users often interact programmatically, through a code editor or a command line, so it’s harder to visualize the user journey; make visual improvements or incorporate traditional tried and tested UX best practices.

As a team, we’ve identified three core interfaces where we can apply tried and tested design principles:

1. Technical Documentation

We want developers to discover the tools quickly, imagine the possibilities of what they could build, and get started asap. And the documentation is the first step. Creating documentation that is easily findable, readable, well structured, and comprehensive is a core part of our strategy here in the team.

2. API Usability

Developers should be able to get a quick grasp of what an API can do without having to rummage through technical documentation and that means using consistent intuitive domain language in URLs and request/response models. Simpler models are easier to understand and use.

3. Developer Portal

From initial conversations and research, we know developers aren’t our only audience. To build a truly accessible platform of the future, we want to make it easy for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to understand and explore the capabilities of our technology without having to deep dive into code. And our developer portal creates an intuitive point-and-click interface that allows individuals to interface with our underlying API.

We’re only just getting started, but we know we still have a lot of work to do.

So with the background out of the way, what can you do today?

First go create an account, at the moment we support SSO via Auth0 (yes, very web 2.0 but FET wallet login and identity management are being built as we speak) Fetch.ai API & the Developer Portal Create and manage Digital Twins Invite team members to collaborate through Organization management Give your twin access to manage and control assets Submit memories for your twin to store, and learn more about you Access and create tasks/activities Access and identify quests that your twin can help you complete

Coming next is our FET wallet integration which will open the doors for monetization opportunities as well as enable your twins to interface with the Fetch.ai Network ecosystem.

Our internal developers have already started using the platform to power the soon launching Fetch.ai personal Digital Twin mobile app. It’s a mobile app, initially aimed at digital nomads in Austin, TX. When a user signs up, they can participate in quests - a series of personalized activities. Participation in these quests helps to train their own personal Digital Twin about their likes, their dislikes, their preferences, and their routine so that as we develop the technology further, the Digital Twin can start to automate and recommend tasks based on the user’s routines and preferences. If you’re in Austin, TX and you’re interested in testing out the mobile app for yourself - go ahead and sign up to be an early tester.

We’re also working with potential partners to bring suppliers into our recommendation engine so the twin can utilize this data to make hyper-personalized recommendations to the user, at the right time and in the right place. By working with the right vendors and providers, we can coordinate activities, and provide offers tailored to the user’s likes and dislikes, providing monetization opportunities for these potential partners through context-driven automation, and up-selling. We’re also seeking integration partners to embed their software and technologies into our ecosystem: providing data and resources a user’s twin can utilize. If you have an idea for a partnership or integration, we’d love to hear from you.

Soon you’ll see more functionality, the ability to automate and connect different services, and so much more. We’ll keep you posted on our journey, and invite you along with us.

What possibilities do you envision with Digital Twins?

What do you want to make on the Developer Platform?

What functionality and features would you like to see on the platform?

What integrations would make your life easier?

Reach out to us personally, and help us shape the future of personal Digital Twin technology. And in the meantime, go check out the platform, read the documentation and tell us your thoughts.

We’re excited to have you join us on our journey. This is only the start.

So with all that, let’s get started and build your first Digital Twin.

Are you in the US?

If you’re currently living in Austin, Texas or the US the Fetch.ai app is available for download.

Are you a developer?

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