Quests, Discovery and Favorites

July 21, 2022/1 minute reading

Feature Release

It's been a busy week following the first release at! The long anticipated mobile app sets the foundation to disrupt the monotony of travel routines, to build local economies and give back to the communities you visit and in countless ways simplify leisure and business life. features Quests, a curated list of experiential recommendations within a city. Eat at the best barbecue joints, find the local hideout bars, or just find a chilled, work-friendly cafe to answer some emails during your stay.

But don’t take our word for it. Be your own master and create quests for the world to see. Simply add a place–restaurant, cafe, food truck, dog park. Give your quest a catchy title like, “Sippin’ on 6th St.” or “Pouring on Rainey St.” Next you can add the businesses or locations to recommend along with what a user should do or try out.

A good number of users have already begun creating quests. Way to go! But we are aware that some users were unable to publish them. We rolled out an update over the weekend to resolve this and have released a new feature where users can access their drafts, edit and publish them. Some of the quests sitting in draft status at the moment include Cookie Monster, Boston Foodies, Foodies Favorite, Walking Trail, Fried Foods, Libraries, Create and Craft and Blue Ridge Mountains. Let’s hope these get published soon! In addition, we have made it easier to get your first quest published, by allowing a minimum of one location, rather than two.

Whilst we launched in Austin, quests are coming in from all over the US, which has prompted us to display the quest location in the discovery feed.

We want the app to help users connect with one another in their local city or when visiting somewhere new; creating a community. As a first step, we have now added the ability to add quests to favorites and provided visibility on how many users currently have the quest active. We will be releasing chat functionality soon to enhance this ability to connect with others.

Please continue to provide feedback on socials or email [email protected]

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