1. August, 2018

University of Cambridge research associate Frederic Moisan joins Fetch as a Computational Economist

At Fetch.AI, we’re always excited to welcome talented people. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Frederic Moisan has joined our team as a Computational Economist.

Fred has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Toulouse, and training in Computer Engineering. Fred  joins us with very successful and diverse academic track record with publications in major international journals across the fields of economics, computer science, psychology, and philosophy.  

Since 2016, Frederic has been a research associate in economics at the University of Cambridge where he investigated various mechanisms that can lead to the emergence of well-known social phenomena. In particular, his most recent work studies the influence of individual strategic behaviour on the endogenous formation of social communication networks, and the corresponding implications on collective welfare.

Before moving to Cambridge, Frederic was a postdoctoral research fellow in social and decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon University where his work focused on analysing human cooperative behaviour in dynamic strategic interactions. Frederic’s interdisciplinary research combines various methodologies, including analytical modelling, laboratory/online experiments with human subjects, computational modelling, and agent-based simulations.

We looking forward to Fred applying his knowledge of economics, artificial intelligence, game theory, multi-agent systems, and behavioural economics to the development of Fetch.  


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