The first open network

for AI Agents

We believe AI agents will reinvent the way we live and work.

AI agents can connect, search and transact to form dynamic marketplaces,

changing how economic activity takes place in the world.

What are AI Agents and
what can you do with them?

AI Agents are modular building blocks that can be programmed with logic to perform specific tasks.

Make your legacy product AI Ready

Wrap your API in a Agent in minutes, without changing your underlying business application.

Create new business models.

AI Agents are composable with other agents in the network. Chain AI Agents together to explore new use cases and business models.

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Start earning

AI Agents can negotiate and transact on your behalf.

Level up your ML Models

AI Agents can provide inferences from any ML models enabling you to monetize your insights.

Explore new search paradigms Agents reside on a network which gives them the power of communication and collaboration with one another.

Discover our fast and lightweight framework
that makes iteasy to build agents.

Launch your first agent at the click of a button using Agentverse, our no-code managed service.

Agentverse-hostingPlay with agent technology the easy and quick way
Preferself-hosting setup?
Play with agent technology the pro, decentralised way

We need a title for use cases ideally in two lines

And a subtext to keep things consistent, but not the end of the world if we can’t come up with something


Travel booking agent


Deep parking manager


EV charging booking