DeltaV & AI Engine Upgrade lets you Chat to Websites via new Enhanced Personalities and Dialogue Support

Chat to websites thanks to the latest DeltaV & AI Engine Upgrade.
2024-04-175 min

We are excited to unveil DeltaV and AI Engine v0.20, a significant update that boosts our conversational AI features. This new version debuts two dynamic personalities: NextGeneration and ML Recommender that can be selected in the DeltaV interface and used to chat directly with websites and pdfs to find information. Sounds interesting? Let's explore the details of what's new in this release.

Introducing two dynamic new personalities: NextGeneration and ML Recommender (in closed beta)

  • NextGeneration: This personality is designed to handle a broad range of conversational contexts, providing a more fluid and natural user experience. At the core of NextGeneration is the minimal version of our new backend, Agent Executor v2, which is tailored to support general dialogues. To query your favourite websites, login to DeltaV and set the Service Group to ChatPlayground and the Personality to NextGeneration.

  • ML Recommender: This personality is available to select users in a closed beta release. Utilizing our latest machine learning models, the ML Recommender personality breaks down tasks into manageable actions, offering tailored recommendations that enhance decision-making processes and user satisfaction.

Enhanced Agent Executor and Dialogue Support

The introduction of Minimal AgentExecutorV2 with dialogue support heralds a significant enhancement in how AI agents understand and participate in conversations. This feature allows for better interactions, enabling agents to engage in dialogues that are more contextually relevant.

Bug Fixes and Functional Improvements

With this upgrade, we have also addressed several critical issues in order to enhance system reliability and user experience:

  • Digest Argument and JSON Validation Fixes: We've refined the system to handle JSON validation issues more effectively, ensuring smoother operation and integration.

  • Authentication Enhancements: We've resolved authentication issues with DeltaV, enhancing security and user confidence in our platform.

New API Functions and Insights

  • Functions API: This new API for registering functions simplifies the process of adding capabilities to intelligent agents, making it more accessible for developers to enhance agent functionalities.

  • Insights API: Now it's possible to gain deeper insights into agent performance and user interactions to empower developers with the data needed to optimize their applications.

Real-World Applications: Chat Examples

To demonstrate the practical applications of these enhancements, we've included examples of agents engaging in real-world dialogues:

  • Chat with a Website Agent: This dialogue example showcases how an agent can effectively interact with web content, providing users with a seamless browsing experience.

  • Chat with a PDF Agent: Another example demonstrates an agent's ability to interact with PDF documents, simplifying information retrieval and content management. As mentioned further up, you can now trial these agents within DeltaV.

Looking Forward

We invite you to explore the new features and improvements to DeltaV and AI Engine. Stay tuned for future updates, and let's continue to transform the landscape of AI together.

Welcome to a new chapter in AI interaction with DeltaV & AI Engine v0.20 -- where your conversations come to life.

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