article and Ankr: Cross-chain Infrastructure with AI Capabilities and Ankr to partner to address infrastructure challenges.
2024-04-173 min

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain is revealing new frontiers. This blog explores the transformative potential of uniting's AI-Agent capabilities with Ankr's robust blockchain infrastructure development suite to streamline and enhance the development of decentralized applications in both commercial and enterprise contexts. brings to the table its dedicated blockchain and sophisticated agent creation tools, coupled with the utility of the AI engine and DeltaV. Together they provide a comprehensive suite for developing autonomous, AI-driven services. Ankr complements this by offering scalable and accessible Web3 infrastructure, including multi-chain RPC services and enhanced solutions like rollups and sidechains which are essential for high-performance applications.

This partnership addresses critical challenges in the application and network layers by enhancing scalability, reliability and the overall engineering process. For instance, Ankr's infrastructure can support the high demands of's agents, enabling them to operate seamlessly across multiple blockchain protocols. This is pivotal for the deployment of multi-chain, AI-based applications that can dynamically adapt to real-world conditions.

In addition, the synergy between and Ankr simplifies the DApp development process, allowing developers to integrate sophisticated AI functionalities into blockchain applications effortlessly. This collaboration not only propels commercial and enterprise solutions forward by facilitating the creation of feature-full products but also sets a new standard for innovation in the blockchain space. It provides developers with the ability to stay on-top of the rapid pace of innovation and maintain a clear advantage. In simple terms the collaborative efforts of both projects offer a set of comprehensive and very competitive development tools that practically address existing limitations as well as pave the way for the creation of truly scalable products and services for the commercial economy. 

The collaboration between and Ankr marks a significant leap towards more dynamic and capable AI-driven blockchain solutions. For innovators eager to push the boundaries of what blockchain can achieve with AI, visiting and Ankr's documentation is the first step towards unlocking these revolutionary tools.

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