Dev Community Integrations: Dive into Financial Sentiments with FinBERT

With the new FinBERT integration, AI agents can be used to convey the mood or sentiment behind financial news or stock updates.
2023-09-151 min is always seeking to explore new uses for its AI agent technology and our developer community is front and center in that mission. One community developer, Sangram, has recently integrated the FinBERT model with the uAgents library to boost the abilities of's agents.

What is FinBERT?

Developed by ProsusAI, FinBERT is a tool that reads and understands the emotions in financial writing. It's like teaching a computer to recognize if a piece of financial news sounds good, bad, or just neutral.

Built upon the foundation of the renowned BERT model, FinBERT has been specially trained using vast amounts of financial data. This special training allows it to pick up on nuances and intricacies of financial language, setting it apart from generic language models. By leveraging Financial PhraseBank, the model understands words and the intricate relationships and context in which they appear in the finance world.

Advantages of this Integration

  • Financial Sentiment Analysis: uAgents with FinBERT can analyze financial texts. They can interpret stock movements, market news, and detailed financial reports, giving users a clear sentiment overview.

  • Adaptive Learning: FinBERT's analysis can adapt over time when integrated with our agent technology. As uAgents interact with users, they refine their insights to match user preferences.

  • Trading Ideas: Understanding financial sentiment means users can get trading ideas that mirror current market feelings.

Potential Applications

  • Decoding Market Moves: Users can use uAgents to get the sentiment behind stock or market shifts.

  • Building Financial Tools: Developers can craft tools that offer detailed investment advice.

  • Sentiment-Driven Reporting: Companies can extract feelings behind financial numbers and trends. thrives on collaboration and innovation. As we anticipate this new integration, we're grateful to Sangram for spotlighting FinBERT.

Your feedback guides us. Share your thoughts and experiences on Github, Discord, and Telegram. Until next time!

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