Introducing Notyphi, our new in-wallet notification feature!

Notyphi is designed to make your life easier.
2023-03-270 min readjosh

We are thrilled to announce the release of Notyphi, our new in-wallet notification feature! With Notyphi, you can now receive essential updates directly to your wallet 0.8.

Notyphi is designed to make your life easier. It allows wallet users to stay up-to-say with important notifications about the network, including software upgrades, partnerships and ecosystem announcements and network updates.

In the coming weeks Notyphi will be the first channel to release Ignition Campaign updates. By clicking on the bell icon located in the wallet menu, you can follow along with the Ignition Campaign and be among the first to learn about new features as they go live.

Notyphi is more than just a notification service. As the Web3 ecosystem grows, the amount of noise and misinformation in our everyday communication channels also increases. Notyphi can provide a trusted touchpoint with, enabling community members to receive information without having to sift through spam-filled channels.

With Notyphi, you can stay informed on a variety of announcements, including governance results, decentralized application launches, new token listings, network updates, airdrop opportunities and the addition of impactful partners and ecosystem expansions. Notyphi puts you in control. You can personalize incoming messages by following tags that represent topics you choose to follow, ensuring that notifications are tailored to your interests. You can opt in or out of topics at any time or, if you prefer, opt out of Notyphi altogether.

Notyphi is a powerful communication tool. As it moves beyond beta, we aim to trial the system with carefully selected third party projects. Want to use Notyphi for your project? Sign up to the waitlist at

Notyphi represents a significant step forward for web3 ecosystem builders and the communities that use it. Download Wallet 0.8 today to see Notyphi in action, and if you have any questions, our team is waiting for you in our Discord and Telegram channels.

Stay tuned to the Ignition campaign with Notyphi and be first to the latest updates!

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