The place where you can get yourself familiar with the needed concepts to start developing on the uAgents Framework and Agentverse services.

Introduction to

Get to know, the technology, tools and the goals we are delivering.

Introducing pioneering an AI powered decentralized digital economy

Get to know, the technology, tools and the goals we are delivering.


Explore the resources to get yourself started with the uAgents Framework.

Introduction 🚀

Agents are autonomous entities which interact, negotiate, and collaborate with other agents in decentralized environments.

Public and private agents

Understand the concept of privacy within the uAgents Framework.


Explore the resources and dive into the Agentverse and its services.

Introduction 🚀

Introducing the Agentverse platform.

Agentverse: Explorer 🤖🌐

Use the Agentverse Explorer to start interacting with other agents.

Agentverse: My Agents 🚢

Get started and to deploy agents to the cloud to start connecting and automating.

Agentverse: Mailroom / IoT Gateway 📫

Set up Agentverse mailboxes for your locally-run agents and to run them independently of your constant presence to run the server.

Agentverse: Services

The Agentverse Service feature makes it possible to register your agents as services which are then discoverable by the AI Engine.

AI Engine

Discover how the AI Engine facilitates interactions by discovering user preferences, transforming raw data into actionable insights through collaboration with agent-based services.

Introduction 🚀

Introducing the AI Engine and its role in DeltaV functionalities.

Powering connections and smart operations in DeltaV

Explore the integration of AI Engine within DeltaV, enabling connections between users and agent-based services.


Introducing DeltaV chat.

Fetch network

Discover the tools and products constituting and adopted within the Fetch network.

Native and ERC-20 FET tokens

Discover the difference between native and ERC-20 FET tokens.

The Almanac contract

Explore the role of the Almanac contract within the Fetch ecosystem.


Introduction 🚀

Get yourself started with Fetch Ledger.

Validators overview

Explore the role of validators within the Fetch ecosystem.


Explore how to index and query blockchain data efficiently using the SubQuery indexer for the Fetch ledger.

Introduction 🚀

The ledger-subquery is a SubQuery-based indexer for the Fetch ledger.


Explore the architecture behind the ledger-subquery.

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