Locally Hosted Agent with LangChain Integration

Locally Hosted Agent with LangChain Integration


This guide demonstrates how to run an agent on your own hardware or infrastructure, making it accessible over Agentverse and DeltaV using the Agentverse Mailroom. The example uses a locally hosted agent that utilizes LangChain's Etherscan integration to process requests related to Ethereum blockchain transactions.


Supporting documentation

The agent

# Import required libraries
from langchain_community.document_loaders import EtherscanLoader
from uagents.setup import fund_agent_if_low
from uagents import Agent, Context, Protocol, Model
import os
from pydantic import Field
from ai_engine import UAgentResponse, UAgentResponseType
# Extend your protocol with Wikipedia data fetching
class EthRequest(Model):
    account_address: str = Field(description="Give address for which you need details")
# First generate a secure seed phrase (e.g. https://pypi.org/project/mnemonic/)
SEED_PHRASE = "Secret seed phrase here"
# Copy the address shown below
print(f"Your agent's address is: {Agent(seed=SEED_PHRASE).address}")
# Then go to https://agentverse.ai, register your agent in the Mailroom
# and copy the agent's mailbox key
AGENT_MAILBOX_KEY = "Your_Mailbox_key"
# Now your agent is ready to join the agentverse!
ethagent = Agent(
    name="Ethereum Agent",
eth_protocol = Protocol("Etherscan Protocol")
etherscanAPIKey = ''
os.environ["ETHERSCAN_API_KEY"] = etherscanAPIKey
@eth_protocol.on_message(model=EthRequest, replies={UAgentResponse})
async def load_eth(ctx: Context, sender: str, msg: EthRequest):
    loader = EtherscanLoader(msg.account_address, filter="erc20_transaction")
    result = loader.load()
    content = eval(result[0].page_content)
    content_str = "\n".join(f"{key}: {value}" for key, value in content.items()) # Convert dictionary to string with line breaks
    await ctx.send(
        sender, UAgentResponse(message=content_str, type=UAgentResponseType.FINAL)
ethagent.include(eth_protocol, publish_manifest=True)

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