The place to get yourself around the more technical side of things used as a reference in all other sections of the documentation.


An overview of the contracts used during development.


The Almanac is a smart contract developed and deployed on the blockchain which provides users with a direct way to query a particular agent's information.


Endpoints are essential for remote communication between agents.

Agents: uAgents Framework

An overview of the constituting elements of the uAgents Framework needed to carry out effectively tasks and communications between agents.

Agents protocols

Protocols are used to facilitate communication and interaction between agents in the uAgents Framework.

Exchange protocol

The Exchange protocol defines a standardized method for communication between agents within the uAgents ecosystem.


Agents storage is an important concept to understand how agents work.

Fetch Network



Explore the Ledger versions released over time.

Active networks

Explore the list of active networks and their specifications.

Mainnet archives 🗄

Explore the list of Mainnet network versions

Validator security

Discover the concept of security involving validators and their objectives.

CosmPy API

Get started with all the technical information related to the CosmPy library.


General LedgerClient features.


Cosmwasm contract features to store, instantiate and execute messages.


The `cosmpy.aerial.exceptions` module provides specialized exception classes for handling blockchain-related errors, including queries, broadcasts, and gas fees.

Ledger faucet API Interface

The `cosmpy.aerial.faucet` module provides an interface to the Ledger faucet API, allowing users to interact with the faucet for a specific network configuration.

Network configurations

The `cosmpy.aerial.config` module provides network configurations and handles errors related to network configurations.

Parse the coins

The `cosmpy.aerial.coins` module provides a method for parsing coins within a blockchain ecosystem.

Parsing the URL

The `cosmpy.aerial.urls` module provides classes and methods for parsing URLs within a blockchain ecosystem.


The `cosmpy.aerial.tx` module provides classes and methods for handling transactions within a blockchain ecosystem.

Transaction gas strategy

The `cosmpy.aerial.gas` module provides gas strategies for handling transactions within a blockchain ecosystem.

Transaction helpers

The `cosmpy.aerial.tx_helpers` module provides a set of utilities and objects to assist in transaction-related operations within a blockchain ecosystem.

Wallet generation

The `cosmpy.aerial.wallet` module provides functionalities for generating and managing wallets within a blockchain ecosystem.


Explore how to index and query blockchain data efficiently using the SubQuery indexer for the Fetch ledger.

Endpoints / Playground UIs

The graphql API endpoints serve a playground UI to browsers for convenience.


Understand how the GraphQL API works in conjunction with Postgraphile and its plugins for resolving different GraphQL requests.


Discover how to retrieve the versions of both the GraphQL API and the Indexer.


Entities are fundamental units of information that represent distinct objects or concepts, each with its own set of attributes.

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