There are multiple versions of the fetchd software with differing levels of features and maturity.

The following table outlines the rough overview of these versions:

v0.2.xDeprecatedThis is a stable version of the network to support agent development
v0.3.xDeprecatedBuilds upon our stable release and adds support for the random beacon consensus module
v0.4.xDeprecatedBuilds upon the random beacon consensus and adds support for aggregated signatures
v0.5.xDeprecatedExtension of v0.4.x
v0.6.xDeprecatedExtension of v0.5.x
v0.7.xDeprecatedPre stargate fetchhub mainnet version
v0.8.xDeprecatedMainline version of the network used for Stargate fetchhub mainnet
v0.9.xDeprecatedMainline version of the network used for Capricorn fetchhub mainnet
v0.10.xStableMainline version of the network used for Dorado fetchhub mainnet

Upgrade history

For node operators, the full upgrade history, documentations and procedures are available at: ↗️ (opens in a new tab).

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