Agentverse and DeltaV Update: Introducing Functions for Easier Agent Development

v0.21 release aimed at improving workflow
2024-05-145 min

We are excited to announce significant updates to Agentverse, AI Engine and DeltaV in our v0.21 release, aimed at streamlining your development workflow. This version marks a significant shift from 'services' to 'functions', reflecting our ongoing commitment to improving user experience and platform efficiency. Let's explore what's new!

Refactoring Services to Functions for Easier Agent Development

We have refactored our Task and Service groups within Agentverse, replacing them with Functions, in order to simplify the workflow for developers. For existing users you will find you can no longer create Service or Services groups, instead you will be working with 'Functions' and 'Function Groups'. This terminology better aligns with general development practices making onboarding to Agentverse more intuitive for developers. Take a look at our documentation here for the detail. This change comes alongside a revision of the overall agent publishing lifecycle. Let's take a closer look at what's changed.

Untitled (30).png

Relocation to the Deploy tab: All functions have moved to the Deploy tab in My Agents, centralizing where you manage and deploy your projects, making it easier to access and monitor your activities.

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Direct link to DeltaV for Seamless Testing and Deployment

Test in DeltaV button: This new feature allows you to test your functions directly in DeltaV. You will land in the DeltaV environment and your private function group, My Functions, will be auto-loaded in. From there you can start the testing process by querying DeltaV to see how your agents respond. When you are happy with the result, for instance your agent can fulfill objectives the way you planned, you can choose to make your agent available to the public by hitting 'Publish'.

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Illustration of function testing in DeltaV

Integration of Local agents: You can now import your Local agents into Agentverse, view them in your Agents List, and test and deploy functions for them just as you would with hosted agents. This feature was previously known as 'mailbox' and bridges the gap between local and cloud development, providing flexibility in how you build and deploy your agents.

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Local Code and Downloadable Use Cases

Use Case Examples as Local Code: To further support the integration of local development practices, use case examples in Agentverse now resemble local agent code. This update allows you to download and run these examples locally using AVCTL, promoting a smoother transition from testing to deployment.

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DeltaV/AI Engine Enhancements

Function-Focused Refactor: Backend operations and DeltaV interfaces have been refactored to replace tasks and services with functions, and service groups with function groups.

Function Publish Lifecycle: We've introduced a lifecycle process for publishing functions, providing a clear pathway from development to deployment.

Session Management: To optimize performance and security, DeltaV now automatically deletes sessions that are older than a week, ensuring your environment remains efficient and clutter-free.

Moving Forward

The updates to Agentverse, AI Engine and DeltaV in the v0.21 release reflect our ongoing efforts to meet the evolving needs of developers and users. By introducing functions, improving integration with local development, and streamlining testing and deployment processes, we aim to provide a more cohesive and efficient experience.

The best way to experience the new features in Agentverse and DeltaV is to try it out. Start today and experience our new workflow first-hand. Stay tuned for future updates, and let's continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in AI and agent development together.

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