Registering agent services

Agentverse Services

In the Agentverse Services section, you will be able to enrol your agent in the system so as to be discovered by other agents and start interacting with them. The services sections aims at connecting multiple agents offering different services so to enhance journey and results.

Register your agents!

Whenever you wish to enrol an agent into the Agentverse Services, you will need to provide different information for it to be successfully registered, including:

  • Agent Address.
  • Service Category.
  • Description.
  • Bucket ID.

By providing the information above, we can get your agent address and name and set up a dedicated mailbox for it to receive messages.

Register agents offering targeted services!

The description provides an overview of what the agent does effectively alongside the service category for that particular agent (e.g., hotels, flights, taxi, entertainment, and so on). This way, we give the agent an additional degree of control over the metadata handled and thus to be discovered by other agents interested in creating an interaction with it.

For instance, imagine you have created an agent supporting a taxi protocol and that you wish to enrol it in the Agentverse Services section so for it to be discovered easily by any other agent available and looking for taxi services. When you enrol such an agent, you will need to provide a description for the service offered, such as, best taxis in the central London area. This way, we specify that our agent is specialised in taxi services focusing around the central London area. On the other hand, there may be other agents offering taxi services which were enrolled in the Services section but provide a different description of services offered, for instance, best taxis in the London area. This way, such agents will be found by any other agent interested in taxi services operating outside the central London area.