Fetch Network
CLI - Command Line Interface
CLI - Introduction 🚀

CLI - Introduction 🚀

The Command Line Interface (CLI) client provides all the capabilities for interacting with the Fetch ledger ↗️, such as creating addresses, sending transactions and the governance capabilities. Before starting with the Command Line client, you need to follow the installation instructions ↗️ for the Fetch Ledger.

Connecting to a network

Users have the choice to either synchronize an entire blockchain by connecting a node to the network or directly link to existing publicly accessible nodes.

Connecting to fetchhub mainnet

To connect to the Fetch Mainnet run the following configuration steps:

fetchd config chain-id fetchhub-4
fetchd config node https://rpc-fetchhub.fetch.ai:443

Connecting to Dorado Test Network

To connect to the Dorado Testnet run the following configuration steps:

fetchd config chain-id dorado-1
fetchd config node https://rpc-dorado.fetch.ai:443

Checkout the network information ↗️ page for more detailed information on the available networks.

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