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How to stake FET tokens

How to stake FET with the Fetch.ai Wallet

Staking is the process of delegating to a validator. Delegators bond their funds to validtor nodes and in doing so support the security and longevity of the network.

As a consequence of the provided support for the network delegators receive rewards in the form of FET. Rewards are paid on a per-block basis and added to the existing rewards.


Your funds never leave your wallet throughout the staking duration. You can remove your stake at any time. Once you remove your stake you'll have to wait for 21 days before your FET is available. This is the standard waiting time across Cosmos SDK based blockchain projects and acts as a security measure for the network.

Additional information on different ways to stake FET tokens can be found here ↗️.


  1. Download and install the Fetch.ai browser extension wallet Fetch wallet ↗️ (opens in a new tab)

  2. If this is your first time setting up the wallet select the Create new account option. If you have an existing account select the Import existing account option and restore your wallet by inputting your seed phrase. If you're using a ledger hardware wallet select the Connect ledger option.


    Here, you will find a list of every active validator ↗️ with whom you can stake your FETs. You can also see the amount of FET staked to each validator and their commission rates.

    The validators on this page are ordered according to the number of FETs delegated to them and not their reputation or benefits. Visit the Choosing a validator ↗️ section for further details on key points to be considered when choosing a validator.

  3. Log into the wallet and select Stake . This will open up the staking interface. Here you can browse all validators and select one or multiple validators to stake with.


    You can check the details of any validator, including their voting power, self-bonded rate, uptime, active/inactive status at any given time, as well as contact information, by heading over to this page ↗️ (opens in a new tab). For a visualization of the validators' voting power (more is NOT better) check out this page (opens in a new tab).

  4. Choose the FET amount you wish to stake and select the validator of your choice.


    Don't forget to leave atleast 1 available undelegated FET in your wallet. This minimum amount is necessary to pay for transaction fees, claim staking rewards, redelegate and remove your stake. The transaction fee is minimal but it is not zero. This is why it's important to have atleast 1 available FET.

  5. Your Fetch.ai wallet will show you a summary of the transaction. Review it and if you are satisfied confirm the transaction by clicking Approve to complete the staking process.

Claim your staking rewards

  1. First of all, ensure you are logged into your Fetch wallet ↗️.

  2. From the wallet dashboard select Claim.


    This will claim the total rewards accrued across every validator that you have delegated to.

  3. The wallet shows you a summary of the transaction. Review it and if you are happy, hit Approve to complete the operation.

Upon completion you will see the rewards added to your Total Balance

Remove your Stake

  1. Log into your wallet

  2. In the wallet dashboard click on the Stake button. This will open a secondary dashboard.

  3. On the secondary dashboard click on My Stake

  4. Select the validator and amount you wish to remove from staking.

  5. The wallet will show you a summary of the transaction. Review it and if you are happy hit Approve to complete the operation.


    When you remove your stake, there is an unbonding (also known as, cooldown) period of 21 days. In your staking dashboard, the Unbonding Delegations section shows you the stakes you have removed which are now in the unbonding period. You can also see the amount of FET unbonded and the number of days remaining from the unbonding period. This is how long you need to wait before being able to withdraw the funds to your wallet.

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