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Querying balances 🔍

Querying balances 🔍

Once you have established a connection to a network node ↗ī¸, you can use the LegderClient object to perform many useful operations, such as querying balances. In particular the LedgerClient object allows you to:

  1. Query all balances associated with a particular address.
  2. Query all balances associated with a particular denomination.

Let's explore how to achieve both.

  1. We start by importing CosmPy as well as the relevant modules.

  2. Then, we connect to the chain we want to perform the query on.

  3. Once connected, we specify the address we want to query. In our example we will connect to the Fetch.ai mainnet and we query all balances associated with a particular address:

    import cosmpy
    from cosmpy.aerial.client import LedgerClient, NetworkConfig
    ledger_client = LedgerClient(NetworkConfig.fetch_mainnet())
    address: str = 'fetch12q5gw9l9d0yyq2th77x6pjsesczpsly8h5089x'
    balances = ledger_client.query_bank_all_balances(address)

Whenever querying all balances associated with a particular address returns a List of Coin objects that contain amount and denom variables that correspond to all the funds held at the address and their denominations.


This list includes all natively defined coins along with any tokens transferred using the inter-blockchain communication IBC ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) protocol.

Once completed, you will see the following output in your terminal:

[Coin(amount='1616060698998992698400', denom='afet'), Coin(amount='10', denom='ibc/605C5B80A8253543F8038F96F56BA13BDD8D300E12F1B32A3FA2E1EB2A933FA1'), Coin(amount='5000000', denom='ibc/B58E6786772640EC4B538AFC4393F742C326734B74CCAFAFBF7EFDC7D435B428')]

In order to **query all balances associated with a particular denomination*+, we can run the same script but substitute the final balance command we used in the snippet above, with:

balance = ledger_client.query_bank_balance(address, denom='afet')

This will return the value of the (integer) funds held by the address with the specified denomination. If the denom argument is omitted the function will return the fee denomination specified in the NetworkConfig object used to initialize the LedgerClient.

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