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Sending funds

Sending funds 💸

CosmPy allows for simplification of transactions broadcasting. After creating a wallet ↗️ you can send transactions by following the below provided example. In it, we first connect to the desired network then provide the desired destination address. The transaction is then broadcast using the Ledger_client.send_tokens() function:

from cosmpy.aerial.client import LedgerClient, NetworkConfig
# Establishing connection to the network
ledger_client = LedgerClient(NetworkConfig.fetch_mainnet())
# Providing destination address
destination_address = 'fetch1h2l3cnu7e23whmd5yrfeunacez9tv0plv5rxqy'
# Broadcasting the transaction
tx = ledger_client.send_tokens(destination_address, 10, "atestfet", wallet)
# block until the transaction has been successful or failed

In this example, we want to send 10 atestfet tokens to the destination_address. The send_tokens() method is called on the ledger_client object, which is an instance of the LedgerClient class used to interact with the Fetch.ai blockchain network. The parameter wallet is the local wallet used to sign the transaction and provide the necessary credentials. The code then waits for the transaction to complete (either successfully or failed) before proceeding further.

Sending and verifying a transaction

For a more comprehensive example, we will use the testnet and submit a transaction then verify its completion by exploring the output on the terminal. For transactions made on the mainnet it is advisable to use our block explorer ↗️ (opens in a new tab) or any other block explorer, such as Mintscan ↗️ (opens in a new tab). The following code snippet shows you how to create two wallets, namely for alice and bob.

Once created, the next step is to establish a connection to Fetch.ai's testnet. We then query alice's balance and include a while function to make sure alice has a positive balance and can perform the transaction. In this case alice will send bob 10 atestfet. As a final step, we will print the transaction hash, as well as bob's and alice's related balances:

# Import the required libraries and modules
from cosmpy.aerial.client import LedgerClient, NetworkConfig # Required to establish a connection to the network
from cosmpy.aerial.faucet import FaucetApi # Required to fund Alice's wallet if she has a 0 balance
from cosmpy.aerial.wallet import LocalWallet # Required to create Alice and Bob's local wallets
def main():
    """Run main."""
    # Create Alice and Bob's wallets
    alice = LocalWallet.generate()
    bob = LocalWallet.generate()
    # Establish a connection to the testnet
    ledger = LedgerClient(NetworkConfig.fetchai_stable_testnet())
    faucet_api = FaucetApi(NetworkConfig.fetchai_stable_testnet())
    # Query Alice's Balance
    alice_balance = ledger.query_bank_balance(bob.address())
    # Should alice have no funds in her wallet, add funds
    while alice_balance < (10**18):
        print("Providing wealth to alice...")
        alice_balance = ledger.query_bank_balance(alice.address())
    # Print Alice and Bob's addresses and balances
        f"Alice Address: {alice.address()} Balance: {ledger.query_bank_balance(alice.address())}"
        f"Bob   Address: {bob.address()} Balance: {ledger.query_bank_balance(bob.address())}"
    # Broadcast the transaction and print the outputs on the terminal
    tx = ledger.send_tokens(bob.address(), 10, "atestfet", alice)
    print(f"TX {tx.tx_hash} waiting to complete...")
    print(f"TX {tx.tx_hash} waiting to complete...done")
        f"Alice Address: {alice.address()} Balance: {ledger.query_bank_balance(alice.address())}"
        f"Bob   Address: {bob.address()} Balance: {ledger.query_bank_balance(bob.address())}"
if __name__ == "__main__":

Once you have executed the script, you will notice the console output is consistent with the code. At first, we see a print of the starting balance of both addresses. Then, we see the transaction hash along with the new balances for both alice and bob:

Alice Address: fetch1kfsarzv8s0kl7pcznjgyc6mnaz96akl79kzttv Balance: 10000000000000000000
Bob   Address: fetch1ww8gsxk4usmq0tdjyele4nqyxcmc3zquu3fc52 Balance: 0
TX 25E8F5D9F101DB5AC57DC5FF2566BA4F290609B6AADBFF1D566B398BA5FFAF48 waiting to complete...
TX 25E8F5D9F101DB5AC57DC5FF2566BA4F290609B6AADBFF1D566B398BA5FFAF48 waiting to complete...done
Alice Address: fetch1kfsarzv8s0kl7pcznjgyc6mnaz96akl79kzttv Balance: 9999416775000000512
Bob   Address: fetch1ww8gsxk4usmq0tdjyele4nqyxcmc3zquu3fc52 Balance: 10

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