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Connecting to a blockchain πŸ”—

Connecting to a blockchain πŸ”—

With CosmPy installed you can connect and begin interacting with Cosmos-based blockchains by following the example below.

import cosmpy
from cosmpy.aerial.client import LedgerClient, NetworkConfig
# Connecting to the Fetch.ai mainnet
ledger_client = LedgerClient(NetworkConfig.fetch_mainnet())

In the code snippet above we are using the LedgerClient as a client object which takes a NetworkConfig as an argument. For ease of use network configurations are provided automatically. For example, NetworkConfig.fetch_mainnet() is the configuration for the Fetch ledger. However CosmPy allows you to customize the network configuration and interact with other chains. You can explore a full list of chain identifiers, denominations and end-point at this chain registry ↗️ (opens in a new tab).

Below, you can find an example of a custom network configuration.

cfg = NetworkConfig(
ledger_client = LedgerClient(cfg)