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How to add profiles

How to add profiles


A contract profile is a contract configuration setting that defines various parameters related to a specific network or environment where a contract will be deployed and interacted with.


You can add more profiles than the one specified using the new command, presented in getting started ↗️, by running the following add profile command:

jenesis add profile my_second_profile

By default, the profile's network will be set to fetchai-testnet, but you can specify it using the --network optional argument. The following data will be added to the existing information in your jenesis.toml file:

name = "fetchai-testnet"
chain_id = "dorado-1"
fee_minimum_gas_price = 5000000000
fee_denomination = "atestfet"
staking_denomination = "atestfet"
url = "grpc+https://grpc-dorado.fetch.ai"
faucet_url = "https://faucet-dorado.fetch.ai"
is_local = false

At the moment, the available network configurations are fetchai-testnet, fetchai-mainnet, and fetchai-localnode, but Jenesis is easily configurable for other networks by directly editing the jenesis.toml file.

In the snippet above, a profile named my_second_profile is added with default settings for the fetchai-testnet network. This allows developers to easily switch between different network configurations when deploying or interacting with contracts.

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