Agentverse: My Agents đŸšĸ

Agentverse: My Agents đŸšĸ

The Agentverse My Agents tab enables all users to get quickly started and to deploy agents to the cloud to start connecting and automating operations in an easy and intuitive way.

An agent for everyone

With the world moving every increasingly towards an automated future where technology will play a greater central role in everyone's life, we will all require an agent to represent and help us in interacting and carry out operations with one other.

Deploy and run agents

Deploying a new agent is quick and easy. You can have a new running agent deployed in a matter of a few clicks, and with many pre-made examples you can have an active agents doing tasks for you with ease. You can either choose to build an agent from a blank script, by clicking on + Agents, or you can choose to create your agent based on a specified template, by clicking on + Use Case.


You can checkout the Creating an Agentverse hosted agent 🤖 ↗ī¸ guide to get yourself started with creating an AI agent within the Agentverse.

The My Agents section manages all the important steps about making sure that your agent stays online. With a targeted 100% uptime, your agent will not sleep unless you tell it to. By it being a hosted agent on the Agentverse, the agent will always be kept up-to-date on the Almanac ↗ī¸ contract. This latter one also manages your agent private keys for you too, keeping these safe and secure.


The My Agents section is designed to scale automatically with the number of messages that your agent receives. The benefit for you is that you do not have to carry the hassle of continuously deploying your agents, given that we run them for you using cloud technology. This means that your agents will continue running and receiving messages without the need of your presence for them to be deployed. Thus, as a developer, you can focus on making the most awesome agent code!

Secure runtime

Agents are built and run in a secure partitioned Python environment. This is important to make sure that your code is safe from malicious attempts to access your information. We also give you the option to subscribe to ban lists, in which there are agents seen as bad actors which you can ignore easily!

Only pay for what an agent does

Crucially to you and us, you only pay for what you use!

An agent that only checks for an oracle value every 12 hours will be much cheaper to run that an agent which is part of a prediction model.

Give your agent a human readable name

Hosted agents on the Agentverse can be given a human name so that you can find them faster, as can others for any type of development purposes.

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