Agentverse Services
Mailroom / IoT Gateway 📫

Mailroom / IoT Gateway 📫

The Mailroom Service

The Mailroom is a useful service dedicated to setting up mailboxes for your locally-run agents. This is with the aim of not having them online all the time to communicate with one another and run them independently of your constant presence to run the server.

The Mailroom can be of particular interest and utility whenever you find it difficult to run a server and need some sort of trusted intermediary, the Mailroom in this case, to manage incoming messages from other people directly sending them to this hosted service, so for you to download them afterwards without the need of a continuous running server for this.

Have a look at our Agentverse guides ↗️ and in particular the Utilising the Agentverse Mailbox Service 📬↗️ guide for a better understanding of the registration process and remote communications between different agent.

Remote communication with the Mailroom

Through this service, communication between agents registered in the Agentverse and local agents is also possible. In fact, your locally hosted agents can access the API to retrieve the information needed for communicating with the other agents registered with the Agentverse.

Improve your knowledge

To better understand how agents use this service, have a look at Utilising the Agentverse Mailbox Service ↗️ documentation and the uAgents Remote Communication: the AgentVerse Mailbox Service in Communicating with other uAgents 📱🤖 guide to see how local and Agentverse agents communicate.