AI Engine
Introduction 🚀

AI Engine

Introduction 🚀

The AI Engine is a system that combines Agents ↗ī¸ with human-readable text input to create a scalable AI infrastructure that supports Large Language Models (LLMs). It is at the heart of DeltaV ↗ī¸ and its functionalities. The goal of the AI Engine is to analyse, understand and link human input to agents by facilitating natural language interactions. The AI Engine reads user input, converts it into actionable tasks and selects the most appropriate AI agent registered in the Agentverse to perform the task.

The AI Engine is characterised by a variety of different tasks. It is able to provide answers to complex queries and then carry out various actions, such as making a booking for a hotel. This is achieved through its ability to understand users' preferences and goals through contextual understanding. The AI Engine examines trends and turns random inputs into meaningful insights by evaluating previous interactions. When uncertainty comes into play, the AI Engine solicits feedback from the user to verify that its suggestions and recommendations match the user's end goal. In this way, the AI engine actively anticipates the needs of users and adapts to them. We look forward to creating an ecosystem in which technology becomes an ally in achieving users' goals.

In addition to the AI Engine's ability to understand different contexts, its smart routing ability also plays a fundamental role. This allows the AI Engine to perform a careful evaluation of the available agents registered in the Almanac ↗ī¸, taking into account their performance spectrum and past performance data. This ensures that objectives are assigned to agents with the appropriate expertise and Functions.

Next steps

Check our additional resources to better grasp the concepts and functioning of the AI Engine and get yourself started with DeltaV ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) and operations executable on it. Also, head over to the AI Engine APIs ↗ī¸ to start building with DeltaV.


You can interactively operate with the AI Engine APIs within the dedicated sections of the documentation and generate sample responses. To do so, you need to:

  1. Log in to your Agentverse account ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab).
  2. Then, open the Developer tools in your web browser.
  3. Within the developer tools window, navigate to the Applications tab.
  4. Enter the Cookies section and click on Fauna cookie. Here you will find your Fauna token.
  5. Copy the cookie and paste it within the Bearer Token required field in the API window you wish to run.

Checkout the AI Engine package ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) to download it and start integrating your Agents with this tool!

If you wish to register your Agents as Functions on the Agentverse, have a look at the following guide ↗ī¸. Also, if you developed your Agent locally and want to register it to be retrievable on DeltaV, here is a guide ↗ī¸ for you.

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