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article Powering the Future with Deutsche Telekom and Bosch

DT and Fetch AI join force for deployment of Intelligent agents.
2024-03-012 min

At, we're always on the lookout for the next collaboration to advance the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain. That's precisely why our recent collaboration with industry giants Deutsche Telekom and Bosch fills us with excitement.

The Synergy

Our alliance with Deutsche Telekom, the largest telecommunications provider in Europe, and Bosch, a leader in technology and services, constitutes a dream team. This partnership transcends the mere joining of forces among technology behemoths. It's about melding our collective expertise to forge something groundbreaking.

Deutsche Telekom contributes its extensive infrastructure and deep-seated knowledge in telecommunications. Their subsidiary, MMS, will take on a critical role as validators, safeguarding our decentralized blockchain network's efficiency. They stand as the protectors of the network’s integrity, ensuring every transaction and interaction remains secure and reliable.

Bosch, with its rich heritage in engineering and innovation, brings an added dimension of technological acumen to our collaboration. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI and Web3 technologies resonates with our mission at Together, we're laying the groundwork for a future where autonomous agents can transform industrial services, streamline processes, and secure them through blockchain technology.

The Power of Autonomous Agents

Central to our collaboration is the deployment of AI-driven autonomous agents. These agents are engineered to oversee resources, facilitate transactions, and analyze traffic flows with unmatched efficiency. Imagine a world where sectors such as healthcare, automotive, supply chain, and digital identity are cohesively managed and integrated by intelligent agents. That’s the world we envision creating together.

A Shared Vision for Innovation

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment for It's not solely about incorporating real-world applications into our network. It’s about establishing a new benchmark for how industries can harness AI and blockchain to elevate efficiency, security, and innovation.

Our joint venture with Deutsche Telekom and Bosch, especially at the Bosch Connected Experience, Europe's premier IoT and AI hackathon, marks the commencement of this ambitious journey. Together, we're not just joining the dialogue on the future of AI and Web3; we're leading it.

Looking Ahead

For, the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom and Bosch is a foundational step toward a future where AI and blockchain sit at the heart of industry innovation. It's a future where our open and dynamic marketplace bridges users with services in previously unimagined ways. It’s a future we're eager to construct, in concert with partners who share our aspiration for a more intelligent, interconnected world.

We view this partnership as the inception of a significant venture. It represents what’s achievable when leading firms unite behind a common purpose: to accelerate AI and blockchain technology for societal benefit.

Together, we're not just envisioning the future - we're actively shaping it.

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