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Into a New Era: Satoshi Club Spaces Recap

Get the recap of our Satoshi Club Spaces if you couldn't join.
2024-03-205 min

Intelligent automation today stands out as a groundbreaking force, poised to redefine what's possible. At the forefront of this technology stands,with the potential to democratize AI through what are known as 'AI Agents'  - Last week our CEO Humayun Sheikh joined the prominent Satoshi Club community for a deep dive into During the session he threw light on the growing presence of and its place in the unfolding story of artificial intelligence (AI). If you missed the session then this blog is for you.

Key takeaway 1:'s Mission isn't just another AI project.

Founded by Humayun Sheikh, an early investor in DeepMind, is built on the belief that AI's full potential can only be unlocked by breaking away from the monopolistic grip of large corporations on AI resources and knowledge. Humayun has an extensive background in computer science and his experience, as part of the pioneering team at DeepMind, have gone on to shape's mission of enablement. It's a bold attempt to make AI accessible for everyone, from big corporations down to garage innovators but it's a core value for the company.

Key takeaway 2: Applications and Implications of the Ecosystem

This isn't just an evolution in AI: it's set to be big and disruptive leap forwards.

At the heart of's ecosystem are AI Agents, autonomous digital entities capable of performing tasks on behalf of their users, infrastructure, or organizations. These agents significantly differ from traditional AI applications, providing a more dynamic and interactive technology layer to execute real-world tasks based on AI-driven decisions. The technology has the potential to catalyse a revolution in search and discovery at a time when the way we search for and interact with digital content is changing.

We have already witnessed the displacement of Google’s ad revenue by the arrival of ChatGPT and its conversational method of search. But this gives rise to a new problem, that of organising and sorting the worlds AI apps. As consumers move away from static websites, introduces a new paradigm of intelligent agents, making the search and interaction with AI Apps and infact all manner of digital content more natural and intuitive.

Just as Google and Yahoo had to arrange millions of websites now someone needs to arrange all of the AI services and that's what foundational LLMs are bringing. They're taking your natural language conversation and taking you somewhere to find it. And what Agent techncoloy then does, is connect you with it and that's where we are going with Something like the Google of AI Agents. -Humayun Sheikh is a response to a vision of the [not so distant] future where information and services integrate seamlessly into our digital lives. This transition represents a fundamental shift towards the more efficient and personalized digital experience and one that can be powered by AI.

Key Takeaway 3: Empowers SMEs and Individuals

The democratization of AI has the potential to level the playing field, allowing smaller players to compete more effectively in the digital realm. Therefore, one of's core aims is to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individual innovators. By providing the tools and infrastructure needed to create and deploy AI agents. Though it's not without challenges. Humayun emphasizes the costs associated with training AI models, highlighting the need for a more distributed approach, which is where blockchain and decentralization can provide benefits.

The principle is evidenced in the recent launch of Fetch Compute.

The problem at the moment in the short term is that you can't get hold of GPUs, they're scarce because everybody who has got money has got them...and they're not always sharing. So that's one of the reasons why we invested with our partners into Fetch Compute. -Humayun Sheikh

Computing infrastructure is a critical component of AI development with resources being in high demand. Recognizing the need for advanced GPUs and possibly even quantum computing in the future, has focused on developing an ecosystem where these resources are more accessible. Fetch Compute is a major infrastructure investment that secures the expansion of the tools and training capabilities available to its users and developers through Compute platform Such advancements promise to streamline AI adoption, offering a tangible pathway for developing more specialized AI applications.

Key Takeaway 4: AGI and Specialized AI also aims to facilitate the creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Humayun emphasized the importance of this the development of specialized AI models that cater to specific industry needs.'s envisions enabling the collaborative training of these models without the need to share proprietary data, presenting a novel approach to AI development.

The Revolution

Powerful AI tools should not just be for the powerful. promotes a more collaborative approach to AI development through its principles of decentralization and its deployment of blockchain. is a companyat the frontier of developments in AI that seeks to redefine how we interact with the digital world for the better.

As we stand on the brink of this AI revolution, it's clear that isn't merely a project to watch: it's a community to join on Discord and Telegram and an initiative to support. Whether you're a seasoned developer, an enthusiastic innovator, or simply an AI enthusiast, offers a unique opportunity to be part of the AI transformation.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

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