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2023: A Monumental Year for

2023 has flown by and with no sign of slowing down!
2023-12-213 min

As we hurtle towards the end of the year it's only fitting to take stock of the many milestones that have contributed to a solid year of growth for From the integration of Bosch into the Fetch Foundation, to the trailblazing developments in AI and blockchain technology, has contributed in no small way to the advancement of decentralized artificial intelligence this year.

Welcome to the 2023 highlights.

Launch of Foundation

February witnessed a top tier partnership as Bosch and established the Foundation. The collaboration aimed at harnessing the power of Web3 technologies, focusing on secure data sharing and intellectual property protection in fields such as mobility, smart homes, and Industry 4.0. We have worked closely with our Bosch partners throughout the year showcasing outcomes at Hackathons and the IAA conference.

Launch of uAgents Framework

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This year, launched the uAgents framework, a pivotal step in the deployment of our core AI Agent technology. This framework signifies a leap forward in the capabilities of autonomous agents, enabling more sophisticated and efficient interactions within the ecosystem and lowering the barrier to entry for developers seeking to build with us. Interested? Check it out here.

DWF Labs' $40 Million Investment

Also in March, DWF Labs recognized the potential of's autonomous agent technology with a substantial $40 million investment. This funding is geared towards advancing the development and monetization of AI-generated information, marking a significant endorsement of's vision. Thank you DWF!

Ignition Campaign and Agentverse

The Ignition Campaign, launched in March, revealed our all-new Agentverse platform that brought new dimensions to the user experience within the network. Agentverse is a cloud-based IDE that provides a robust platform to create, test, and deploy agents adaptable to your needs. Our intention is to create a more accessible and robust AI-driven ecosystem inviting developers in to grow with us. If you are a developer and haven't checked it out yet, you really should! Agents are the future... in our humble opinion.

Innovations in Fetch Wallet

This year saw the integration of AI functionalities within the Fetch Wallet, dubbed the Super Wallet, that enhance the user experience with smarter and more intuitive features like Fetchbot, an agent that can assist you with tasks such as making a payment on your behalf, or routinely collect staking rewards, plus integration of ChatGPT within the wallet gives users instant help on command.

Interchain AI Agents with Peaq

June was a milestone month with the introduction of interchain AI agents, thanks to collaboration with Peaq. This development enabled the interaction of agents across different blockchain networks, such as Polkadot and Cosmos, showcasing the versatility and expansiveness of's technology.

Integration of Diverse AI Agents

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.45.14 - A colored illustration created with pencils, featuring a brain, an aeroplane, a chain, and a map. The brain is depicted with intricate details highlig.png

In July, achieved a remarkable feat by integrating a variety of AI Agents, including those from OpenAI, Skyscanner, Langchain, Stable Diffusion, and OpenChargeMap API. This integration demonstrates the versatility and open nature of the tech stack. Developers are able to turn our Agent technology to all kinds of use cases by chaining together different integrations. Expect more of this in 2024! 

Bosch Partnership: IAA Mobility 2023 Park & Charge Demo and Hackathon

September's IAA Mobility 2023 Park & Charge demo highlighted's innovative solutions in the mobility sector, showcasing practical applications of its technology in real-world scenarios. November's hackathon, in partnership with Bosch, focused on the future of mobility, underscoring's role in driving forward-thinking solutions in this sector.

University Hackathons and Collaborations

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.49.58 - A colored illustration of a university. The architecture of the building is grand and academic in style, with large windows, columns, and steps leadin.png

In September we launched our new hackathon stream and began outreach to the academic community partnering with institutions and dev groups like DCC, IIT-B, and LPU. Our student ambassador program got underway and our developer-base began expanding. These events fostered innovation and showcased the potential of's technology in solving complex problems and we will continue to scale up the program throughout 2024.

DeltaV Launch!

In October, we announced DeltaV: an open platform for the new AI economy. DeltaV is a new search-based AI chat interface powered by our AI agent technology. It leverages written conversations to understand and then complete tasks for users, making it an AI economy frontrunner. DeltaV, fuses Language Models (LLMs) and AI Agents to create an open and dynamic marketplace that connects users to services and reimagines the current search experience. Sign up for first access here.

AI Summit New York and Media Presence

DALL·E 2023-12-20 22.54.26 - A colored illustration of a conference summit with happy people and robots, without any text. The scene depicts a vibrant conference room with rows of.png

We took Gold sponsorship of the AI Summit in New York in December, introduced DeltaV to hundreds of industry leaders and developers and finished on a high with an interview with Fox Business. We were able to showcase our vision for DeltaV and added over 5000 businesses into the Agentverse.

It's been an immense year. A year of growth for that stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. Through strategic partnerships, technological breakthroughs, and community engagement, has not only achieved remarkable milestones but also laid down the groundwork for a future where AI and blockchain technology drive transformative solutions across industries.

Stick with us for 2024 as we go deeper into AI!

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