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Introduction 🚀

Indexer / Ledger SubQuery

Introduction 🚀

The ledger-subquery is a SubQuery-based ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) indexer for the Fetch ledger ↗ī¸. This indexer provides a Graphql ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) API for querying tracked entities.

For a list of tracked entities, see the schema.graphql file ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab).

You can learn more on how to run ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) or change the SubQuery Project ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab), get your own custom GraphQL API for your app, by visiting the SubQuery Academy ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) for further documentation.


Checkout our GitHub repository ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) to improve your knowledge on the Indexer. Also, do not forget to check the Indexer references ↗ī¸ to further expand your understanding on the concepts surrounding the Indexer and its features.


This documentation is currently under construction, and the content may not be up-to-date.

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