introduction 🚀


Introduction 🚀

DeltaV is a groundbreaking platform developed by, marking a substantial shift in AI-driven commerce and services delivery. This platform introduces a simple and user-friendly experience for both businesses and consumers to enroll and query services straightforwardly via an intuitive chat interface.

DeltaV platform operates as a search-based AI chat interface, employing natural language conversations to independently manage tasks for users. Its aim is to establish a direct link between businesses and customers, providing an extensive range of services, from booking flights and hotels to arranging cleaning services and more. DeltaV is poised to revolutionize the current e-commerce landscape by simplifying the integration process for businesses, enabling them to directly and easily connect their services within this platform.

This integration is facilitated through the core components of this new platform, starting with the AI Engine ↗ī¸, AI Agents ↗ī¸, and then the Agentverse ↗ī¸ platform. In this context, the user queries for a service execution through DeltaV. AI Agents encapsulating services and registered within the Agentverse are retrieved using the AI Engine which selects the best agent among all of the available ones to execute the task related to the user's query. As it is possible to understand, each component plays a crucial role in delivering the most efficient experience possible to all users engaging with DeltaV ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab).

Developers can employ AI Agents technology and encapsulate Large Language Models (LLMs), Machine Learning (ML) models, existing APIs, and other business logic to make businesses services accessible via DeltaV by registering them as Agentverse services ↗ī¸ with through the Agentverse ↗ī¸ (opens in a new tab) platform. This makes such services efficiently discoverable by users interacting with DeltaV's chat interface.


This connection empowers companies to not only register their services but also presents a valuable monetization opportunity in this dynamic AI-powered landscape.

This integration of DeltaV with the other components of the ecosystem orchestrates a unique symphony of agents, encompassing entities offering services and users eager to engage with them. Together, they collectively drive forward this transformative search paradigm.

DeltaV has the potential to craft customized AI-powered commerce experiences across a wide range of industries and services sectors, efficiently meeting the different needs of users and businesses.

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