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Setting up the Fetch.ai browser extension wallet with a Ledger hardware wallet

If you own a Ledger hardware wallet and wish to enhance the security and functionality of your crypto assets, follow these steps to set up and perform your first transaction using the Fetch.ai browser extension wallet in combination with a ledger device.

  1. Download and install the Fetch.ai browser extension wallet.

    Visit the official Fetch.ai website Fetch.ai wallet ↗️ (opens in a new tab). Follow the installation prompts to seamlessly integrate the extension into your browser. The wallet is supported on Chrome, Brave and Firefox.

  2. Plug in your ledger and open the Ledger Live software.

    Connect your ledger hardware wallet to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Launch the Ledger Live software if it's not already running. Ensure that your Ledger device is properly connected and recognized by Ledger Live.

  3. Download and install the Cosmos app.

    Inside the Ledger Live software, navigate to the "Manager" section. Search for "Cosmos" or "ATOM" within the app catalog. Click on the Cosmos app, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install it onto your Ledger device.

  4. Create a Cosmos address.

    If you don't already possess a Cosmos (ATOM) address, you can easily create one through Ledger Live. This is a mandatory step as Fetch is a cosmos-sdk based chain. In Ledger Live, access the "Accounts" section and choose "Add Account." Select "Cosmos" as the cryptocurrency and follow the prompts to generate a new Cosmos address.

  5. Open Fetch.ai Browser Extension Wallet and Connect Ledger.

    Launch the Fetch.ai browser extension wallet by clicking on its icon located in your browser's toolbar. Locate and click the "Connect Ledger" option.

    • For first-time setup, choose "Connect Ledger” at the beginning of the wallet setup.
    • If you already possess a Fetch.ai wallet, navigate to the "Accounts" tab in the upper right corner and create a new account by selecting the "Connect Ledger" option.

    Once you've connected, ensure the cosmos app is open on your ledger.

  6. Create a test transaction and sign it with the Ledger.

To confirm that your Ledger hardware wallet is correctly linked to the Fetch.ai extension wallet, initiate a test transaction with a minimal amount of FET. Within the Fetch.ai extension wallet, access the Send section.

Enter the recipient's address and specify the amount for the test transaction. Carefully follow the on-screen instructions to verify and sign the transaction using your Ledger device.

Review the transaction details on your Ledger device, and once satisfied, approve it. Wait for the transaction to process and gain confirmation. You can monitor its status within the Fetch.ai extension wallet or explore it further on a blockchain explorer such as Mintscan ↗️ (opens in a new tab).

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