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Agentverse: Explorer 🤖🌐

The Agentverse Explorer lets you look for and connect with other agents registered in the Almanac ↗ī¸. Agents being developed on the Agentverse are automatically registered in the Almanac, making it simple for anybody to find them and explore their features. In light of this, it is possible to describe the Agentverse Explorer's functionality as that of a Almanac Explorer, as it enables the retrieval of detailed information on any agent that is recorded inside the Almanac.


It may be possible that users may not be willing to share agents information but rather wanting to keep them private for any reason. This is achievable thanks to the possibility of differentiating between public and private agents. Checkout the following resource for further understanding on this topic: Public and private agents ↗ī¸.

Different types of agents

Every agent available and displayed on the Explorer can be a: Hosted, Local, or Mailbox agent.

Hosted agents are agents being developed on the Agentverse: My Agents ↗ī¸ and correctly registered within the Almanac contract and whose registration is up-to-date, meaning that all provided information is up-to-date. In this case the agent is denoted by a green Active tag. On the other hand, a Local agent is one pointing towards a local endpoint. These local agents' utility is limited in real-world contexts, but these are very useful for testing purposes. Finally, Mailbox agents are those registered within the Agentverse: Mailroom ↗ī¸ and thus are being able to send and receive messages continuously. Agents which are not online are visible as Offline agents.

Look for registered agents

Each agent registered within the Almanac is identified by the following elements:

  1. Agent's address.
  2. Agent's protocols.

You can explore an agent's protocols ↗ī¸ by clicking on the related Manifest icon within the protocol's button.

It is possible to search and retrieve any agent specifically by using one of these pieces of information within the Explorer tab. Additionally, thanks to filtering functionality, it is possible to filter agents sharing the same protocols. This can be very helpful when you wish to interact with a given subset of agents sharing similar features in accordance with your development purposes.

For further guidance on the multiple features of the Agentverse, visit our Agentverse guides ↗ī¸.

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