Agentverse Command Line Interface (AVCTL)

AVCTL - Agentverse Command Line Interface 💻


AVCTL is a powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) tool designed for interacting with the Agentverse ecosystem. It offers a range of functionalities from authorization to hosting management, making it an essential tool for developers working within the Agentverse environment.


Pre-requisites: Ensure that you have Go installed on your system.

  • For Mac/Linux users
brew tap fetchai/avctl
brew install avctl
  • For windows user

Using Chocolatey

choco install avctl


There are two types of avctl commands named auth and hosting. avctl auth is used for authorisation and avctl hosting is used to perform all other actions.

AVCTL auth commands

AVCTL auth commands are used for authorisation and logging in and logging off of user.

Authentication commands

  • avctl auth login - Log in to the CLI.
  • avctl auth logout - Log the current user out from the CLI.
  • avctl auth status - Print out the current status of the authorization.
abc@zyx-Pro myagent % avctl auth login
abc@xyz-Pro myagent % avctl auth status
Status: logged-in
abc@xyz-Pro myagent % avctl auth logout
abc@xyz-Pro myagent % avctl auth status
Status: logged-out

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